08 December 2005

Favorite 80s TV shows

Making a post about games I played in the 70s and 80s got me revved up to reminiscing TV shows I loved watching over and over again. Never mind the cartoos and anime; they are staples of my childhood weekends. I have made a list here of 80s TV shows I wouldn't mind seeing again. And again. And again ...

The Wonder Years starring Fred Savage. I liked the way stories are narrated in the eyes of a kid as he goes about life.

Moonlighting starred Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd in a detective agency called Blue Moon Investigrations. A bit of sleuthing with a good love story mixed in. Must be my Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries Days that got me liking detective shows. This and Murder, She Wrote by Angela Langsbury.

Max Headroom is about a news agency whose reporter named Edison Carter gets an electronic version of himself stored into the computer system through programming genius Bryce Lynch when Network 23 - the broadcasting company where Carter works - was hiding a potentially dangerous program that makes people keep watching their channel but makes others explode or combust and was getting a bit too nosey. The electronic image of the unconscious Carter was supposed to contain all his memories and Network 23 can learn how much he knows but this image - who calls himself Max Headroom - evolved and took to hiding. Carter, Max Headroom, and gorgeous reporter Theora Jones exposed the Network 23 management and continued to do zany deeds in succeeding episodes.

Cool names, computer terminals with typewriter keyboards, and dark theme (literally; I don't think I've seen a scene there in broad daylight. It's always nighttime!) make this a favorite. Hmmm... I guess my fascination with computers evolved from watching too much TV.

Punky Brewster stars Soleil Moon Frye. I remember her name because it's so unique. I thought her bed was cool. It was made from a straw cart. It's inclined when not in use and when she gets to bed (at the end of every show) the cart props up to a horizontal position. She was an orphan with a dog who gets adopted by a kind old man. Or am I confusing her with Annie? Hmmm.

Let's do the dance of Joy! How about some pig snout! I've been watching the antics of Balki Bartocomus and Larry Appleton in Perfect Strangers but the wierd part is, I was not able to watch their two-part series finale. Wierd.

From the planet Melmac comes ALF (Alien Life Form) who positively loves cats not as pets, but as a menu entree'! There was a shirt design making contest for Library Assistants in SLU back in College and I entered with Alf. My design won. I think all I got was a lousy shirt with my design on it...

Mr. Belvedere! The butler with an amazing sense of humor. I loved watching this show. An English butler in an American home.

The list goes on. There's Whiz Kids , Who's the Boss, Knight Rider, The A-Team, Charlies' Angels ...


  1. My favorite was "Perfect Strangers". Aliw sila Balki and Larry. Lalo na si Balki. Haha. Meron pang isa: "Twilight Zone".

  2. uy, na-miss ko bigla si alf. i liked "Small Wonder" back then. yung si Vicky na robot? yun lang.. the most were cartoons already..

  3. remington steele? di mo nagustuhan?

  4. I've also followed "The Wonder Years." Great show. Ang cute pati ni Fred Savage. Just saw Danica McKellar (Winnie) last week made a guest appearance at "How I Met My Mother." She's grown into a beautiful woman.

  5. of your list, i only know Alf. :hiya: parang wonder woman, mcgyver, doogie howser lang ang alam ko sa 80s ha? or early 90s na ba yon?

  6. The Wonder Years was my favorite. Here's a piece of trivia: Just before Bruce Willis got that part in Moonlighting, he was a bartender in this club I used to go to every now and then, KAMIKAZE in Chelsea district, West 20's in Manhattan.

  7. Ah oo, Abaniko. We even used to do the dance of joy back in high school!

    Yes, Dessagirl, Small Wonder nga yun. Ano kaya naging ending nun?

    Hi meowok. Di ko masyado napanood Remington Steele. Just a couple of episodes actually. Baka may kasabay.

    Hello niceheart! Yep, maganda talaga yung Wonder Years. Thoughtful.

    Oo nga ano, Owen. Macgyver! I think 90s na yung Doogie Howser, MD. College na yata ako noon.

    Wow Senor Enrique. Bruse Willis served you your drinks before!

  8. Anonymous2:04 am

    eyy nick, i was about to write down my list and then realized my favorites were from the 70's... (kalabaw lang...) ;)

  9. Actually Bambit meron rin naman akong favorite TV shows from the 70's, pero kalabaw lang talaga...

  10. Anonymous6:38 pm

    nick, may list na ako! bisita ka baka may peborit karin dun sa list ko :)

  11. Sige punta ako dun! Now na!

  12. I MISS THE '80S!!!!!!!!!!!11 I miss Perfect Strangers, Alf, Punky... all that you wrote! Family Ties! Growing Pains! Aaaaaaaaaaah. I miss the '80s. Really.

  13. I love Perfect Strangers, kakatuwa talaga and Alf.

    Noong 70's, bata pa ako pero watched ako lagi ng Charlie's Angels, Bionic Woman and six million dollar man.

    Tapos ang walang kamatayang Voltes V, Daimos, Star Rangers, etc. Anime tawag ngayon dito :)

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