16 December 2005

Miracle baby

It's been exactly one year last December 14 when my wife woke me up at half past 12 midnight and said I should bring her to the hospital. I was still feeling quite groggy then but was jolted awake when she said there was lots of blood when she urinated. I saw the red liquid on the wiwi bowl and immediately carried my wife down the stairs into Blackie (that's the car).

She got confined and was asked to wait for a while in the public ward. A little later, she said her bed was wet. I looked under the blanket and indeed it was! The nurse came right over and asked if she urinated. She said no. Her bag of water broke! She was then sent to the emergency room and her Ob-Gyne arrived right over.

I made three more trips to and from the house that morning. I called my boss to ask for a week's leave of absence, which he immediately granted when he learned the situation (he didn't know my wife was pregnant then). He also called me up mid-week to ask how we were. I am so grateful for having an understanding boss.

It was indeed a frightening experience. Miraculously, her bag of water closed and held enough liquid for the baby to survive in. I booked a private ward and we stayed there for a week. Ninang Bell visited and brought us the Medicard papers to subsidize the hospital costs. This was the time I truly appreciated health insurance. Other friends visited to see how we were.

She was then subjected to bedrest for the rest of the term of her pregnancy, though that didn't stop her from staying in the living room and spend her days waching TV. Must be why our baby loves watching TV too!

Jo-Lo is truly a miracle baby. We thank the Lord for him.


  1. Happy birthday, Jo-Lo!!!!

  2. glad that nothing went wrong. happy birthday to Jo-Lo!

  3. wow, didn't know jolo has such a wonderful and miraculous birthday story :)
    happy birthday, jolo! penge cake and ice cream!

  4. amazing..:) happy bday to jlo. happy holidays, too. :D

  5. hey watson! truly ever ang story ni jo-lo! kaya lang everyone thinks he's one na!=) mweeheee.. the Lord indeed is good since he gave jo-lo to you and tina.. sana may sister rin in a couple of years!


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