13 December 2005

Gift wrapping ideas

The first batch of gifts have left our home and found new places underneath our friends' christmas trees. Call me a sentimental old fool, but I still prefer wrapping my own gifts, even if it meant staying up late. I don't know, but it feels good wrapping gifts while imagining the look (of delight, hopefully) of the recipient when it is opened. No matter how simple the content is, the gift feels special when you take the time and effort to wrap it yourself.

We lived in a small rented house and we shared rooms when I was a kid. But that didn't stop us from buying gifts and stashing it secretly in places where we didn't think the others would look. And then we'd find time away from our siblings to wrap our gifts and stash it underneath the christmas tree. And every now and then, we would visit the tree, pick up a gift, press it close to our ear, then shake it. We'd exclaim, "Ah! A shirt!" or "this is a toy car!," then move on to the next gift. Our eldest sister got so good at guessing what's inside gifts (no matter how much paper you stuff inside so it wouldn't make a sound) that she got it right 90% of the time.

I would like to impart some gift wrapping ideas in time for this yuletide season!
Print your own gift card! A photo of yourself or with your family in the card will make the recipient feel that the gift is indeed special, no matter what it is. Our personalized gift tag includes a photo of myself, my wife and baby Jo-Lo.

Wrap the gift in paper or cloth before putting it in the box. I use white Japanese paper for this purpose.

Aside from putting additional folds onto the wrapping paper, tie a nice ribbon to it. These ribbons are cheap in Divisoria, but are quite expensive in the malls so if you do not have time to go to to Divi, then perhaps you can reserve the ribbon for special gifts.

Lastly, when you're really in a rush and have no time to wrap items with no boxes, use Quick Wraps. This is available in National Bookstore and gift shops. The small one costs P16.50 each and includes the paper to wrap the gift in, the bag, a ribbon, and a tag. These come in nice purple, pink, and green.
Happy wrapping!
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