20 January 2006

Freedom fries

I am a big fan of french fries. When I want to snack on something but not as heavy as a burger or a rice meal and not as sweet as the sundaes, I go for fries.

So I was really revved up to order the Cheezy Fries from Jollibee one day. It was, unfortunately, not as advertised. What was supposed to be a mouth-watering treat turned out to be a handful of fries topped with cheese and bits of dried-up meat.

I don't know if you have tried these fries before and you may have a different story. I just felt that value for my money is important.

At any rate, I did not intend to make you lose your appetite over this post, so here are some photos of goodies I snacked on last December. Enjoy!

Macaroni salad
Boiled bananas
Strawberries with cream
Macaroni soup
Fresh lumpia
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