24 January 2006

Wave of the 80s

Last December was a time of 80s reminiscing for me as I received e-mails from high school friends, and then I was able to buy a Bagets DVD (copies were very limited!) One time we dropped by a music store in Glorietta to look for ... well ... music CDs. I did not have any intention of buying any, although I am on the lookout for some select 80s artists. I was not able to find CDs for Book of Love, Camouflage, and Red Flag (these are rather hard to find these days so I was already expecting that I would not find them there), but I did realize that 80s music is still very much in demand, as attested by these finds:

Lessons in Love
Bring out your mis-matched clothes and parteeeeee!
Tell me tell me, how to be, a milionaaaaaire...
Sail on the wings of a cloud, where to well nobody knows...
bizarre love triangle!
the killing moon
sweet dreams are made of these...

I am looking for CDs from these artists: Book of Love, Camouflage, The Care. Any help will be appreciated. I don't think I can afford ordering online, so any help with local shops will be appreciated. Thanks! By the way, have you noticed? 80s fashion is coming back. Big belts, colorful clothing. Yay!


  1. Hello Nick! Ilang taon ka na? Bakit parang ka-contemporary kita? Alam na alam ko rin itong mga nasa pics mo eh *wink

  2. Anonymous8:50 pm

    I just want the narrow ties to come back :)

  3. Hay, sarap mag-reminisce. Tanda lang ako ng ilang paligo sa iyo, Watson kaya halos magka-contemporary pa rin tayo :)

    Type ko ngang magsuot ng mga iyan kaso baka magmurang kamias ako o mamura nila ako :)

  4. Basta Teacher Sol, nung 80s eh nasa high school ako noon kaya ang saya!

    Hello Ric! Oh yes. Ties were also in fashion then.

    Lani, di naman siguro. Actually hindi na kasing-wild na tulad noon. Subtle sya pero you will definitely notice the 80s influence. Sayang dapat kinunan ko ng photo yung mga host sa isang noontime show. Grabe. Pastel tops with huge belts. Ang cool.

  5. grabe ka nick. i've never even heard of book of love and the other stuff you mentioned.

    you can still get some 80s compilations in tiangges and sometimes p[laces like odyssey

  6. Sa Odyssey meron bang rare, Cherry? Sige tingnan ko rin. Kapag narining mo music ng Book of Love, malamang you have heard them before. Ganun kasi sa 80s, sobrang daming artists tapos yung iba, 1-hit wonders pa.

  7. "pages from my book of love..." hehe
    mukhang sulit yung 2-disc new order a. bumili ka ba? pwede pa-burn? hehe

  8. i'm not that familiar with the artists.. but i think i know the songs.. hehe.. 90's kasi ang aking teenage years baga..

    pero ang fasyon! sus, i truly ever remember everything. i hav to admit i have a number of vintage outfits myself. thanks to ukayukay!

  9. I'm also into 80s music, but early 80s. Ever heard of Air Supply, Depeche Mode, Wham, Journey? Gosh, I feel old compared to you guys.

  10. waaaahhh alam ni meowok yung song! meron na akong new order pero 1 disc lang. yung white ang cover tapos may blue na splash ng paint sa harap. the best of din yun :-)

    yup dessagirl. madalas mas kilala yung song kesa sa artists :-)

    Niceheart, yung Journey lang ang di ko kilala dun so you're in good company :-)

  11. big audio dynamite and the dawn. :D

  12. Uy meron akong MP3s nila Igor!


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