03 January 2006

Hello, 2006!

There are many things we wish for, and in my case I wished that everyone in the family can be together on Christmas eve. Our youngest sister, her family, and our older brother could not make it, however. But I am still thankful for having everone else around. Plus it's Jo-Lo's first Christmas!
We gathered round the living room and opened the gifts at midnight as is our custom . My niece Gretel used to be the gracious host for randomly picking gifts from the pile and announcing who the recipient and the gift giver is. This time around, my nephew Kyle did the distribution of gifts.

The gifts were opened with oohs and aahs! We usually give gifts to our older sister based on fashion trends. Previously it was this thing that you use to straighten your hair. They had a lot of fun with those after all the gifts were opened. This year, long skirts and curly hair were the fashion. So we gave them those. Straight hair yesterday, curly today. I guess I'll never understand these trends. :-)
That's my father at the back, all covered up. Too cold for him. I don't know what's with the shades, however.

My wife and I had a blast opening our gifts. With matching award-winner photo-shoot!
They had fun trying out their new hair-curling thingamajig. Don't ask why I did not join them :-).

It was quite a busy week for my wife and I, as we went to La Union to visit Tita Rem and distribute gifts on the 26th. We were supposed to leave for Manila on the 27th but wasn't able to because Jo-Lo was nursing a fever. We thought he was teething already, or it was way too cold in my parents' place.
We left on the 27th instead, arriving in Manila in the early morning of the 28th. After a quick stop in the apartment, we headed off to Dolores, Quezon (Tina's hometown) to visit her friends and relatives and distribute gifts. We left for Manila in the afternoon.

I reported for work on the 29th, and we left for Baguio that evening. Whew!

We visited the Cathedral on New Year's Day to give thanks.
My mother-in-law with Jo-Lo and Jay-R.
The Yuletide season is about family and about remembering the birth of our Lord and giving thanks for all our blessings and trials that make us stronger. All the best of 2006 from my family to yours.


  1. oo nga, nick. bakit di ka nagpakulot ng buhok?

  2. The bitter ampalaya strikes again! Aaaaahhh!

  3. i'd like to try one of those curling thingamajiggys.. i like! =P

  4. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Great shots ofthe family and the holidays.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Bili na, Dessagirl!

    And to you as well, Ric!

  6. A beautiful celebration. Nice pics.

  7. daming regalo, ah! ang lamig siguro sa baguio during christmas, no? tatay mo sobrang talukbong na. kung tutuusin, laking baguio na yan.

  8. Happy New Year!!!

    Sa tingin ko palang sa tatay mo pati ako nilalamig na. Pero lamig talaga sa Baguio, sa totoo lang.

  9. i was in baguio from the 24th to january 1st. sayang, nakita ko na sana si jo-lo. :D

    happy 3 kings!

  10. Frohes Neues Jahr!!! viel glueck für 2006 :)

    Happy Three Kings na rin!
    grabeh ang roadtrip ninyo...pati ako hiningal.

  11. Oo nga Neneng. That time, we just thought "sige punta tayo dito." And then "punta tayo doon". When we finally finished our trip, that's when we realized how we traveled north to south and back in a span of a few days. Napagod rin kami :-)

  12. Hey Watson, I kept a sharp eye out for you in Baguio during my stay there but didn't see you. It seems as if my two weeks in the Philippines was way too short and I already miss it. Got to see lots of new things and experience a New Year celebration in Tarlac City. Man what a hoot! Anyway, back in the states now and should be writing about it over the next coming weeks/months. Sounds like your holidays were merry too!

  13. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Happy New Year!

    My gosh, ang laki na ni Jo_lo. Parang kahapon lang ay super infant pa siya, ngayon parang lumobo! Mukha na talaga siyang little boy! Cute cute!

  14. Happy New Year Meowok!

    Thanks niceheart!

    Oo nga e Abaniko. Ang lamig talaga. Parang nasa US kami hehehe

    Hi Lani! Happy New Year to you too!

    Hi Dyezebel! Nasa ibang lugar rin kami nung days between Christmas and New Year so baka next time sana magkita tayo...

    Hello Mr. Abbey! I was also wondering if I would see you while walking along Session Road. I'll read up on your adventures!

    Hi Toni! Parang kelan lang ano?

  15. Anonymous5:10 pm

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