20 January 2006

Freedom fries

I am a big fan of french fries. When I want to snack on something but not as heavy as a burger or a rice meal and not as sweet as the sundaes, I go for fries.

So I was really revved up to order the Cheezy Fries from Jollibee one day. It was, unfortunately, not as advertised. What was supposed to be a mouth-watering treat turned out to be a handful of fries topped with cheese and bits of dried-up meat.

I don't know if you have tried these fries before and you may have a different story. I just felt that value for my money is important.

At any rate, I did not intend to make you lose your appetite over this post, so here are some photos of goodies I snacked on last December. Enjoy!

Macaroni salad
Boiled bananas
Strawberries with cream
Macaroni soup
Fresh lumpia


  1. Somehow, fast food pictures of their food never look like what you actually get. They really need to have some truth in advertising in that industry. Reminds me of the whammy burger scene in the movie "Falling Down" starring Michael Douglas.

  2. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Dear, macaroni salad? or potato salad ;) - tina

  3. My kids enjoy McDonald's French Fries, but we also sometimes snack on A&W fries.

    I've never tried cream on strawberries. Is that Nestle Cream?

  4. Ah, yes Mr. Abbey. Truth in advertising. Lots of ploys going around to get profit. I haven't seen the movie "Falling Down" yet; I'll look it up.

    Dear, potato salad pala :-)

    Hello niceheart! A&W closed shop last year after years and years. Jollibee and McDonalds put up shop right next to them and it was downhill from then on for them. Miss their root beer float.

  5. mmmm.... french fries!!! mmmm.... i tried Jollibee's pero pangit.... not worth it. palabok nila worth it, supermeals nila, worth it.

    best pa rin ang homemade fries. What i do sometimes is when the fries are taken from the wok, i sprinkle it with cheeze right away- cheddar or sometimes parmesan, and some pepper. yum yum.

    btw, how did you guys make the strawberries & cream???? mmmm

  6. jollibee fries suck. same goes with their service. from dine in, to take out, to delivery. but i do love their chocolate pancakes and hot choco.

    mcdo fries, kfc fries, new york fries and dips, in and out fries are the best for moi..

    sir, yung strawberries and cream panalo. sana uwian moko ng isang kilo at pramis, i will pay for it.. pleeeeaaaaaase?!!!!

  7. strawberries and cream... drool...
    (there goes the diabetic diet)
    nick! pabili na lang ng strawberry!

  8. watson and mommy tina and jo-lo: thank you! thank you! thank you!

  9. homemade fries ... tama ba yung pagluto na frozen pa rin ang fries para malutong? Yung strawberries, madali lang gawin. Simply top these with cream. Tapos na! :-). Kung kokonti yung strawberries, we slice these into two. Kapag hinalo yung cream, nagiging pink yung sauce.

    Your're welcome dessagirl!

    Cherry, bibilhan ka rin sana namin kaya lang bihira lang tayo magkita. Sobrang daling masira yung strawberries kasi :-(

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