16 January 2006

Shiverin' Shutter

I am a Science Fiction enthusiast, but I also enjoy watching suspense Horror / Suspense movies when I like to get the occasional goosebumps. But there is one movie that tops my list so far.

I have been hearing about this 2004 movie from Thailand entitled Shutter and how frightening it was, and so I did not pass up the chance to watch it last night. To set the mood, I turned off the lights save for a lamp and upped the surround sound volume.

The story starts with a couple driving from a pre-graduation drinking session with friends. They accidentally hit a woman crossing the road (this made me jump from my seat, and I knew I was in for a suspenseful couple of hours)! With no other witnesses to the incident they sped off, leaving the hapless woman sprawled by the roadside.

The story unfolds to reveal that there is more to the accident than meets the eye. Or , to put it more appropriately, more than meets the camera's shutter. For the photos they take (the guy is a photographer by profession) hold the key to a terrible secret.

I like watching horror flicks, but this one left me unnerved. So much so that I slept at the living room with the lights and the TV turned on for company. I don't think I will be watching another horror movie anytime soon. Need I say this movie comes highly recommended? Watch it with friends and let the screaming begin! Switching back to my sci-fi movies...

Photo credit: Beyond Hollywood - with a review from someone who's seen too many Asian horror flicks
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