24 May 2006

Davao food!

And now we come to a subject matter that's close to my heart. FOOD! Lots of them!

Davao is heaven for food lovers, especially seafood! And it's inexpensive too! Lapu-lapu and crabs are common table fare here. In Manila, it will cost you an arm and a leg to dine with these delicacies.

Just how affordable is the food in Davao? Here is proof of this amazingly delicious surprise: P50.00 buffet breakfast! P99.00 per head for catering!
They didn't scrimp on the breakfast food choice either. There's plain and fried rice, pancit, scrambled eggs, chicken adobo, mushroons, spanish sardines, and tapa.

Indeed, after work we needed to unwind and we had one of our breakfasts along the shores of Paradise Island. After all, how often can you dine by the beach, and take your time just enjoying the scenery and being away from the hustle and bustle of urban life?

Here we are before...
And after.
But wait, let's have desert!

In most of our meals, we had this dish called kinilaw. It's basically diced raw tuna mixed with vinegar and pepper. Delicious. Em is quite fond of it (including that ice cream delight in above photo). But with fish so fresh, who can resist?

Here is a photo of the meal we had in Ahfat (a Chinese restaurant) along Victoria Plaza Mall. Look at those crabs! The soups were delicious too. There's sweet and sour fish too. We were eating near the display window where their chefs cook up mouth-watering delights. Occasionally a waiter would be rushing off to the small window and hand over a bowl with something struggling to get out. Yes, the fish is very fresh in these parts.

Then there's the coconut juice, served with the entire husk. Sip the sweet water, then grab a spoon and scrape off the translucent, soft coconut meat inside.

Here, we have a photo of our dinner at Princess Em's house. Look at that! Crabs, grilled tuna, squid, shrimps. It's seafood smorgasboard! It was quite a silent dinner, I tell you, each concentrating on their food.

I had the most wonderful serving of shrimps at the Harana Restaurant. It's called hilabos na hipon. I was already halfway done when I took this photo. The meat was sweet, and it had a buttery, salty flavor to it. I couldn't resist eating the whole bunch and didn't share it with my tablemates. I don't think they minded anyways, as they were quite busy with their meals as well.

They have these small peppers that belie its spicy strength. As I sat amused and started to crunch these to mix with calamansi and soy sauce for my shrimps, Em wondered if I wanted indeed to have two of those. Why not? They were too small actually, I replied. Em warned me that they were quite hot.

A couple of dips later, I was grabbing for my drink. It was hot indeed. But it complemented the shrimps at the same time. I loved it.

And so I end this post with this photo of my plate at Em's house:
Look at those claws!

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