16 May 2006

I'm off to a business trip!

Hello friends! It's Tuesday early morning (1:30AM), but here I am trying to keep awake. I just hope I don't get migraine from this...

I think I won't be able to wake up on time because I am due to go to the airport later for a trip to Davao. The flight is at 4:30, so I have to be at the airport at around 3:00... so I need to take a cab from home by 2:30 or so.

It's a business trip. It's my first time to be there so I'm all excited. I just hope I get to see more than just the 4 walls of the conference halls. So I'm off... til Sunday. I'll see if I can sneak in and do a bit of blogging from the land of durian and the tarsier!

Til then! I'll buy some pasalubong!


  1. Wow Davao! Kakikita ko lang nyan kanina kaya lang sa movie ni Sam Milby..hehehe. pero parang ang linis ng Davao.

  2. Did someone say D A V A O????? ay sama ko hehehe

    dont forget to grab a bite of those famous durian, pomelo (suha) and kinilaw. Must see are Gap Farm of course Pearl Farm.

    If you wanted to get some pasalubong try to visit Aldevinco.

    tama ka nga pasalubong pls!!!

  3. Welcome to Davao!
    Sorry to disappoit you, wala tayong tarsier here. You might like to see the Philippine Eagles or our crocks.
    We have four walls - North is airport area, East is Samal, West is Eagle Center and flower/fruit farms, and south Mt. Apo. In the center of course is the downtown - City Hall and all. Try The Venue, MTS, F. Torres Food Street or Chinatown.
    Email me if you need a guide. I was ex-city tourism officer for nothing.

  4. uy, kakaingit! was suppposed to go there today with hubby kaya lang something came up! enjoy your trip and pasyal on the side. maganda daw diyan eh!

  5. um... nasa bohol ata yung mga tarsier. anyway... pasalubong po!!!

  6. ser have a safe and FRUITFUL trip. i think tarsiers are from bohol.. :)

    don't forget the pics as well!

  7. Kuya Nick pasalubong ha!!! Durian na freshly-picked-from-the-mountains-of-Davao.
    Happy twip!!! Inom ka agad ng advil para ka liga mo sila Richard at Raymond. Hehehe.

  8. Have fun Sir Nick and to Chu and Debbie and to Princess Em... (the certified Davao princess)...ingat lang sa mga abu sayaf kaya parating isama si Princesa para meron kayong private army...instead of private driver!


    "bring me back a t-shirt" :P

  9. Hello all. I'm taking a breather from the conference (in short, tumakas saglit sa booth namin hehehe)

    AAArrrgggh. I think I was thinking about the Philippine eagle but got to write tarsier instead. So when we got here and I was wondering out loud whether we would be able to see the tarsier at all, all my companions stared at me and said, "wrong island. the tarsiers are in bohol." Confused me.

    Ann: ang linis nga dito.

    Balikbayan Box: Nakita ko na Aldevinco! Pasalubong heaven! About the durian, I had a bit of experience with drinking durian coffee. Will share that in a later post.

    Peter, thank you for the quick bit of info! But I don't think I can go to all those places, especially Mt. Apo, whose splendour can only be appreciated by really climbing it, even for a short while.

    Jairam, maganda nga dito. Mura pa food!

    Meowok, I knowwwwww. Now. ;-)

    Jeff, I knowwww now too. hehehe

    Ate fionski, mas cute naman ako sa kambal na yun ah. hehehe

    Hi Follen. Will do!

  10. Anonymous8:12 pm

    masarap ang durian sa davao, pati na rin marang (tama ba spelling?)

    ingatz sa biyahe.

  11. i just started loving durian last year here in singapore. and davao always comes to my mind when talking about durian as i had my first bite of the fruit down there 10 years ago. how i wish i can go back there and give another try.

    oh i love panga ng tuna na inihaw din.

  12. haynku when i went there, i brought home yata,woven banig with my name.

  13. hello watson.. ang lola debbie mo na-empatso ata sa dami nang nakain.. hope you guys are enjoying

  14. Cruise, nabanggit nga nila yung marang. Parang malaking starapple ang description nila. Pero di pa ako nakakakita nyan so far.

    Owen, the durian is reserved for another post. As for the panga ... grabe! Ang mura ng seafood dito!

    Talaga cathy, specially made for you? Nice ah

    Em! Enjoy talaga dito sa Davao!!!

    OK...so di rin lang ako nakapag-post. Just making a quick trip to the internet cafe. We're off to Manila tomorrow!

  15. thanks so much for the magnet, jo-lo!


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