09 May 2006

Boracay discoveries

While staying at the Fairways and Blue Waters in Boracay, we had some time to wander into the surrounding areas, far from the busy beachfront. Being situated atop the mountain, the resort affords us a path going to the opposite side of the island. A brisk walk and you see a different beach. The sand is still powdery, but there are no caretakers here to remove dried-up coconut leaves, the waves are more pronounced. It provides for a quiet time by the shore.
This beach has two sections. Orienting yourself at the swimming pool area of the resort, the left side is what I have described above. The right side is also similar, but with a fenced-off area dotted with open-air cottages for guests who would like to have a massage.

From the massage area, you go to the beach through this hollow cavern.

We were a bit delighted to find a cave in that area as well. Exploring a bit further, we found out that it was not deep, and it is being used as a place of adoration, with logs as benches and oil lamps dotting the wall for illumination. The cross, if you may notice, is veiled. It was Good Friday when we made this visit.

And yes, I still have the Boracay hangover.


  1. Anonymous1:32 am

    Looks like a very restful spot!

  2. That cave looks very cozy. Nice to contemplate there!

  3. Wow, ang ganda talaga ng Boracay! Thanks for this post and pictures it sure does help my sisters wanting to go to Boracay for New Year.

    Salamat sa pagbisita sa Balikbayan Box. Maligayang araw ng mga Ina sa iyong maybahay!

  4. Grabe, nice pics. Buti na lang I'm a soon to be Ex-Bora virgin. Ha ha. Will go there next month :)


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