07 May 2006

Pinoy Big Brother

My wife was able to visit the Pinoy Big Brother house a couple of weekends ago. Pinoy Big Brother is a reality TV show whereby contestants stay in the house and stick to the rules, play the game, get nominated for eviction, and saved by the audience through SMS voting.

It's quite popular here in the Philippines, and the house itself has become a "tourist attraction." I know of some people who'd love to see the actual house as well. Well, here's my wife - who didn't like PBB before and did not actually watch the first two editions, but is currently glued to the TV when PBB is on - in front of the actual house!


  1. Hi there! I'm Jealine. I just love Pinoy Big Brother 'coz I'm a Pinay too. Hey! You can also visit blogs!
    Oh, and don't forget to leave a comment. PEACE OUT!!!

  2. Tabi-tabi pre, pero i think the show sucks!

  3. Hi Jealine-anjel! Thanks for visiting!

    Hello Pepe, the teen edition is so ridiculous it's so funny. My wife loathed the first two series. Believe me. But the antics of these adolescents are so silly we watch it to see what unexpected things they would do next.

  4. Hay naku sir nick! Anak ko nga ididikit ko na sa tv eh. Pinagbibigyn ko lang habang bakasyon..hehehe..pag may pasok na wala ng TFC. Adik sa PBB.

  5. 6th season na BB sa amin.
    BB Dorf (isang barangay) ala ng uwian :D

    iyong una lang tinutukan ko noon, mga sumunod na-bored na ako!

  6. Ang galing ano, Ann? Parang nasa Pinas ka na rin, thanks to TV.

    Hi Neneng. Ganun talaga. Ako nga, tinutukan ko rin noon ang Survivor. Pagkatapos ng second season, awanen.


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