12 May 2006


"Pasalubong ko ha!"

That's what you would usually hear when friends get word that you are leaving, be it for business or for pleasure. As someone who goes to my hometown of Baguio regularly (and Baguio is loaded with pasalubong goodies!), I am frequently asked to bring something along, be it strawberries, vegetables, peanut brittle, or choco flakes.

I don't mind doing the extra trip to the market, because many of these requests usually come with payment already (they now offer payment because I go so often to Baguio that it's like a regular weekend trip home already and pasalubong shopping can really add up to a lot of cash). But what I really, really don't like to bring along are brooms! Yup, Baguio brooms have a reputation for sturdiness and are popular pasalubong items too. But that's the one thing I don't like carrying around. And sometimes, I just conveniently forget to buy :-).

Here are some popular pasalubong items from other regions:

Dried fish and squid galore! Famous delicacy from the Vizayas region. Deep-fry these goodies, dip in vinegar, and it's the perfect companion to fried rice!
These dried delicacies give-off a strong scent, though, so it's not allowed onboard planes. Make sure your pasalubong is wrapped in plastic and newspaper and stored in a box when making plane trips.
These ae a couple of pasalubong items I received from officemates. At the left is chichacorn, a crunchy corn product from Vigan (which is located North of Manila). The other one is peanut brittle from the island of Mindoro.
Yup, we Filipinos are big on food. But pasalubong items can also be magnets, keychains, shirts, and lots more. Recently I received two keychains: one that looks like a crocodile from Palawan (in the Southernmost tip of Luzon) and an intricately-woven keychain from Bataan (in the northernmost tip of Luzon! What a coincidence).

But no matter how simple the pasalubong is, it's always the thought that you were remembered (or you remembered if you're the one who left) that counts.

Happy weekend everyone!


Here's a pasalubong update! I just received some broas (a type of semi-crunchy sweet bread thing) from an officemate who had her vacation in Bohol, land of the chocolate Hills! Yum.
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