02 May 2006

Red Crab heaven!

Sometimes, spur-of-the-moment group activities tend to happen than organized ones. No last-minute changes, no backing-out.

And it is in one of those moments that I visited red crab heaven.

I had dinner at The Seafood Club with officemates Gen, Harry, and Lorrie. It was a Thursday night so we were under the impression that restaurants wouldn't be as jampacked as weekends.

We were wrong.

We waited for more than half an hour before we were ushered in. It was more like a couple of hours when your stomach is grumbling. That was already around 8:30PM, but the buffet table was already showing signs of devastation, like a typhoon was crossing right through it!

We looked at what's available and took a few of each food item on our plate. There were no longer red crabs and alimasag (what's the english equivalent of this? hmmm) on the buffet table so the waiters said they will be serving us the crabs instead.

We munched our way into the buffet entrees but when the crabs dripping in butter and bacon bits were set on our table, we ate nothing else! No time for small talk. We cracked the shells, reached in for the tasty morsel, and munched away.

That was the night that I ate red crab til I could not eat anymore. Yes, I was in red crab heaven.

The Seafood Club is located at 2nd floor Greenbelt 3 in Makati. Great food, great service, excellent music. Expect to spend P500++ each on the average (well worth it!)
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