05 May 2006

Your Mission: eat your vegetables!

Chu has become quasi-vegetarian. He no longer wants to eat pork and beef, though he getting chickenjoy off his system might take some time. This discussion ensued while he segragated the meaty bits from his pizza slices in yesterday's breaktime.

After my last meeting which ended at 8PM, my colleague Harry, my brother Dodi, and I rushed off to Glorietta to catch Mission Impossible III. We have been hearing rave reviews about it, so we decided to see a second night screening.

We got hold of 9:40PM tickets and with abundant time still on our hands, we walked to the lower level of Glorietta 4 where the Food Court is located.

Incidentally, we were talking about vegetarian places and a few establishments were named. A quick search of the establishments later, we found ourselves in front of Evergreen. The dishes looked "normal" enough. The meat-like ingredient turned out to be veggie-meat, a mixture of tofu and flour.

It looked appetizing enough, so they took our orders. I had bopis (sauteed finely-chopped "meat" with green peas and pepper) and laing (veggies and "meat" cooked in coconut milk), Harry also had bopis and asado (ummmm.... how do I explain what this is?), and barbecue between us. (Dodi has not arrived yet at that time, so he bought burgers to go instead). We thus ate with curiosity. And we ate using spoon and fork, ladies and gentlemen!

The taste? Not bad at all. If you are an avid fan of meat, you will immediately notice the difference in texture and taste, but it's actually tasty. We even finished our meal with extra rice each.

Now, on to the movies!

Mission Impossible III was one heck of a ride! Fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat thrill! Watch it in a Dolby or THX-certified cinema to get the full effect of the action sequences.

The enemy is cool and calculating, and highly believable. Comic relief is done by fellow agent Ving Rhames, who was also present in the movie's second installment. No antics, just conversations and one-liners that were quite effective. And of course, Tom Cruise delivered another superb performance.

I don't want to divulge anything plot-wise about the movie, so go watch it for an Impossible Missions night. Highly recommended!

MI:III photo credit: IMDB
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