28 August 2006

Bag of Beans: English Pies and Bread

Have you ever been to a place that took you by surprise, and got all delighted by it that you'd want to share it with everybody else? It's your piece of Narnia (pardon the comparison; I'm still having a Narnia hangover from last night's DVD watching) that you'd want your friends to join you in your adventures.

I found such a delightful place in Tagaytay last Friday. Bag of Beans is tucked unceremoniously by the roadside and if you don't look close enough, there's a big chance you'll miss it.

When you do find it, the narrow entrance leads to a downstairs pathway, culminating in a high, narrow cage with parakeets inside. You find yourself in the middle of a small garden, with paths leading to cozy nooks where you can relax and chat the afternoon away while sipping your coffee and breaking bread with friends.
Hmmm... I didn't realize this little piece of Narnia was quite popular because all the nooks were occupied (there are three in all I think) so we settled for the bigger venue.

After getting our orders in, Follen and I settled on the daybed. But I settled for the chair soon afterwards. It was too inviting, you might as well find yourself dozing off.
Dessagirl and Follen settled for strawberry cheesecake and banana split, respectively. Are they facing the firing squad right after this?
I couldn't decide on what to get for a mid-afternoon snack, so I settled for the cinnamon-raisin bread. Dessagirl's eyes lit up. Good choice!
And it was! The bread was served warm, with butter and jam. Wham bam! Shazam!
The bread was so good that Dessagirl and I bought a loaf each to bring home.

We would have loved to linger on but there was still work to be done! We were on occular duty. We sighed, looked around a bit not sure when we will ever come back, then walked up to the parking area where our service vehicle was waiting to whisk us away back to reality.
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