14 August 2006

Letye: the Benefit CD

I came across this project while browsing through my e-mailed inq7.net update. This is a collaboration of Filipinos and Filipino-Americans abroad. A concerted effort to help the landslide victims of Leyte.

Here's the message on the homepage of California-based Perf de Castro about this project:

“In February 2006, the Philippine province of Southern Leyte was rocked by mudslides caused by relentless downpour of rain and a minor earthquake. The mudslides devoured everything in their path; villages, crops, livestock… and people."

"Upon hearing the news, I threw out the idea of a benefit CD to my fellow musicians and artists here in the US and they responded enthusiastically. Transplanted Pinoys and Filipino-Americans from across the US sent in their donations in form of their songs and eventually I received enough to put together this album. Some are written with the benefit in mind and some are works that have been pulled out of their treasure chests so they could at last be heard for a noble cause. These songs represent our hands reaching across the world to help our fellow Filipinos in need."

"I’d like to thank the artists, for rising to the occasion and lending their time, talent, efforts and craft to help the cause of this CD."

"Mabuhay kayong lahat! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!”

The CD has been available since May 2006. Learn more and purchase the CD at this site.


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