03 August 2006

Bobbing heads at McDonalds

Pauline and I been munching on fried chicken, burger McDo, and spaghetti for a couple of days now. It's because of their new toy line accompanying with the Happy Meal. Bobbing Heads! But not just any bobbing head. The original McDonald's characters have come back! Grimace, Birdie, Hamburgler, and of course Ronald himself. When I find something really nice, I go for the set. So ... what will it be for the next couple of lunches? Another spaghetti? Or Burger? Hmmmm... Chickie and Hamburgler are mine, the other two are Pauline's so I have two meals to go!

These toys are for you, Jo-Lo!

PS. Wil, a commenter to this post, said: "I'm not the first to say it, but what the heck is Grimace"? The answer can be found at Wikipedia. Something new to learn!


  1. I'm not the first to say it, but what the heck is Grimace? :D And Birdy? what a name. ;)

  2. For Grimace, your guess is as good as mine! Yeah, Birdy as a name is just plain wierd. I call her Chikadoo instead. Wait, that's weird too...

  3. Wil, I made a correction to the name. It's Birdie. Still a wierd name though. :-)

  4. I just can't get over the fact that McDonald's in the Philippines serves spaghetti. None of them here do and even if they did, I can't imagine how awful it would taste. Maybe in the RP, the McDonalds workers take better care in their work.

  5. hi watson! i couldnt help but post the grimace description in my blog.. hehe.. so may plugging ka nanaman!

    dont forget to included me this lunch please.. grimace will look great on my desk.

  6. ganda collection mo bro kakaingit

  7. thank you for researching about grimace, been wondering what he is for the longest time myself. hehe...

  8. Ed, the spaghetti of Filipinos tend to be on the sweet side. There are even hotdog bits thrown in and cheese for good measure. It really looks like party food. I have tasted spaghetti made with fresh tomatoes for the sauce; I think that's the one you are familiar with.

    Thanks Dessagirl for the plugging and hope you enjoy your Grimace!

    Mama Jenn! Thanks for dropping by ha!

    Apat na happy meals lang katapat nito, backpackers!

    something new to learn, eh Meowok?

  9. hello Kuya Nick, how are you these days? batang Mcdo ako kaya when I learned na these toys are available again natuwa ako, he he. pero di na muna ako bibili, nagtitipid kami ni hubby :)

  10. Anonymous11:08 pm

    wow nakumpleto mo!!!

    and naaliw ako sa wiki link mo.

    "in brazil, grimace is known as shaky." hahaha! sa bagay! milkshakes nga!


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