08 August 2006

I would rather be someplace else

Sure, I am thankful that I have a job, but don't you just wish sometimes that instead of sitting in front of a monitor, you're staring at the clouds hover lazily across the deep blue sky instead?

I guess this is one of those days. I can't concentrate on my work the whole afternoon! Let me see... where would I rather be?

- In a public library chock full of old books. The smell of libraries are somehow endearing to me. I can spend hours poring over at books and reading up on just about anything.
- On a grassy lawn, staring at the sky!
- Playing with baby Jo-Lo
- Having a picnic under the shade of trees

Hmmm... with just enough time, I can do some of those things! I'll file for vacation leave next week! That's something to look forward to!


  1. Hurrah for vacations!!!

    I'd rather be...
    ... lounging at the beach, reading a good book while feeling the sea breeze caress my face.
    ... watching a DVD with my husband, cuddled up on the couch.
    ... getting an awesome body massage at The Spa.

    Anywhere but here right now!

  2. i love libraries too :D

  3. I keep pictures of places where I would like to be other than here in front of a computer, tacked to the walls around me. I'm free to visit them as often as I like, just as long as I appear busy.

  4. I think you're due for a vacation. :)

  5. Toni, I want a vacation! Pinahaba ko pa ang story, yun lang pala gusto ko sabihin. hehehe!

    Mama Jenn, malamang hindi tayo magkakakilala kung sakali nagkita tayo sa library. Kasi bawal mag-ingay :-)

    Ed, that's a great idea!

    Senor Enrique, you're right on the dot.

  6. me...id rather be diving, drinking coffee in ATC while reading a good book and most of all... I would rather be sleeping...

    sleep it!!!

  7. pwede ba sumamasa vacation mo my friend

  8. i would rather stroll by the beach with hubby or read a good book under a tree ;) enjoy your vacation Kuya Nick, haaay sana bakasyon din ako :(


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