15 August 2006

Bakery memories

I was eating my merienda consisting of palabok and lumpia awhile ago when I had this flashback from the mid-90s when I was new in Manila. I new in my job and didn't know anybody else in Manila, and so I had to stay with my uncle in Guadalupe where he had a bakery. After work, I would help out in selling bread.

The usual dialogue would go like this:
Customer: Pabiliiii! (I'd like to buy!)
Me: Ano yun? (What is it?)
Customer: Softdrinks
Me: Coke ba?
Customer: Royal
Me: 1.5?
Customer: Litro. (Liter)
Me: Ilan? (How many?)
Customer: Dalawa (Two)

I swear, these dialogues were really so unnecessarily long that I sometimes grit my teeth and pretend to smile (they're customers after all). Why can't they just say, "Pabili ng Royal, isang litro. (I'd like to buy Royal, 1 liter)", and be done with it? Remembering this made me feel a bit annoyed, even today.

Try observing this at your local sari-sari store and you'll see what I mean.


Here's another incident which I find really amusing (for a change!). I have told this story countless times.

A customer dropped by and said "Pabili!"
Me with my forced smile: "Ano yun?" (What is it?)
Customer: "Tasty."
Me: Tasty?
(I scan our goods on the display window, not knowing what I was looking for)
Me: "Wala yata kami nun e." (I don't think we have that)
Customer: "Tasty? Ayun o!" (There it is!) with matching finger pointing
Me: "Aaaaah. Loaf bread!"
Customer: "What loaf bread? That's Tasty!"

Go figure. (We call it loaf bread in Baguio)

Photo credit and pan de sal (Filipino bread roll) recipe: Reipezaar
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