03 August 2006

Bobbing heads at McDonalds

Pauline and I been munching on fried chicken, burger McDo, and spaghetti for a couple of days now. It's because of their new toy line accompanying with the Happy Meal. Bobbing Heads! But not just any bobbing head. The original McDonald's characters have come back! Grimace, Birdie, Hamburgler, and of course Ronald himself. When I find something really nice, I go for the set. So ... what will it be for the next couple of lunches? Another spaghetti? Or Burger? Hmmmm... Chickie and Hamburgler are mine, the other two are Pauline's so I have two meals to go!

These toys are for you, Jo-Lo!

PS. Wil, a commenter to this post, said: "I'm not the first to say it, but what the heck is Grimace"? The answer can be found at Wikipedia. Something new to learn!
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