08 August 2006

I would rather be someplace else

Sure, I am thankful that I have a job, but don't you just wish sometimes that instead of sitting in front of a monitor, you're staring at the clouds hover lazily across the deep blue sky instead?

I guess this is one of those days. I can't concentrate on my work the whole afternoon! Let me see... where would I rather be?

- In a public library chock full of old books. The smell of libraries are somehow endearing to me. I can spend hours poring over at books and reading up on just about anything.
- On a grassy lawn, staring at the sky!
- Playing with baby Jo-Lo
- Having a picnic under the shade of trees

Hmmm... with just enough time, I can do some of those things! I'll file for vacation leave next week! That's something to look forward to!
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