10 August 2006

It's a small world after all

I've been hearing about Google Earth for quite some time now, but I ever had a chance to visit the site because the IBM laptop issued me belonged to the following categories under "Google Earth may not run if you have: a) a desktop computer older than 4 years old, b) a notebook computer older than 2 years old". Isn't it so straightforward and layman?

But now, thanks to the PowerBook (and Follen's prodding), I am able to see Google Earth at last!

You first get a view of the earth from outer space. You can rotate the globe how ever you like. Constantly rotate it in one direction and it will continue rotating when the mouse is released.
Next: zoom in! zoom in! zoom in! Where else would I go to but my beloved Philippines! Zoom in and you get names of places.

Zoom in some more and you get to see your hometown! Mine's Baguio.
Wow, look at that. Burnham Park! And Burnham Lake with rented boats rowing about!
I was even able to see our office building here in Manila! What a wonderful piece of innovation Google Earth is. It makes us see how big, and yet how small, our green planet is. And that everybody's interconnected somehow.

This is truly a marvel. I know I've just scratched the surface of this application and marveled at the graphics, and this is just the free version. You can apparently add content to it as well! So many things to explore.

Wow, this makes learning about other countries more interesting, isn't it? I'm babbling. So many possibilities! Thanks Google!
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