18 August 2006

The Prince and the Pauper

"Uy, punta kami sa inyo this weekend!" (Hey, we'll be dropping by your place this weekend!)
"Dyahe naman, ang liit at magulo sa bahay namin."
(That would be embarrasing; our house is small and disorganized.)
"Ok lang yun! Hindi naman yung bahay ang dadalawin namin eh. Ikaw!"
(That's ok! It's not the house we're visiting. It's you!")

I've heard this lots of times we would like to spend more time together and end up in a house so parents won't get worried. Yup, that's the way we sometimes had fun in Baguio. We stay in a friend's house, bring food to cook and help in cooking it, play cards or whatever game's available, and chat on and on. Ah, the simple, fun student life!

At times it's me saying how cramped our house is. Because, compared to the real nice houses they have, ours could be ... well, it simply was incomparable. But those words, of them saying it's me they're visiting and not the house, makes me say "sure!". Many of my memorable, happy moments are with these hanging-out at home weekends.

It's just increadible how some people who are obviously affluent can be so down-to-earth! They don't mind getting their hands dirty doing the dishes and cooking. It's ok for them to commute. They don't talk about their riches in a bragging sort of way. When it's time to go home would you get the reality check that they live an exclusive village, that they own this big clothing shop in Session Road, or that he is actually a pilot and goes to other countries like it's just next door, and this other friend has a condo unit right smack in Makati, and another goes to the Sates regularly for vacation.

But best of all, they accept you for who you are. It doesn't matter if you don't own a car or a house with a garage. You're friends, and that's all that matters.

Happy long weekend everyone!

PS This richness post was inspired by Mama Jenn. Her article reminded me of my friends through the years who looked beyond what I did not have and saw that we have things in common. Thank you!
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