29 September 2006

Milenyo aftermath photos

I was surprised to wake up to a sun-shiny day today. For only less than 24 hours ago, we bore witness to the power of nature as it ravaged Metro Manila! Here are some more photos as we rode back home at 4PM yesterday when the rains abated.

Coming home early gave us an unfamiliar feeling of having a lot more time on our hands. We've grown so accustomed to leaving the office after dusk that we racked our minds on what to do with the free time! We went to the malls only to find them closed for the day (like we did not expect that!), and so we decided to just go home. Voila. No electricity (like we did not expect that either!). Next best thing to do? Cook dinner! There's nothing like fried tuyo (dried fish) and dried squid, fresh tomatoes, and fried rice on a rainy, candle-lit evening!
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