02 October 2006

How to enjoy mouth-watering chopsuey

1. Buy fresh vegetables. when the veggies are crisp and fresh, it takes little seasoning to make this simple dish really delectable. The sweetness of the carrots, the unique blend of cauliflower and broccoli, the crunchiness of the sweet peas, pechay, and baby corn, and the mild spiciness of the bell peppers make this a truly perfect companion to fish and meat, or all by itself! Add button mushroom if desired.
2. Wash the veggies. Chop the onions and garlic. Rid the sweet peas of its extra stems. Skin and chop the carrots. Separate the cauliflower and broccoli blossoms into manageable portions. Chop the carrots. Remove the seeds from the bell peppers and cut into strips.
Invite your guests over and let them help with the preparations! Chat about fun times while you're at it!

3. Cook your ground pork in water in the frying pan over medium heat. The water should partly submerge the pork. When the water has evaporated, the pork will release its own oil. Set aside. Put in additional cooking oil if necessary and saute the onion and garlic. Put back the pork and continue cooking. Next, add the carrots and the baby corn. When these are quite tender, add the broccoli, cauliflower, pechay, green peas, bell peppers. Mix, then add water to partly submerge mix.
4. Add a bit of salt to taste.
5. Enjoy the dish with friends and family!
Reminds me of the good old college days when we had cooking sessions whichever home we found ourselves in and play cards and chat the night away. *sigh*


  1. Mama Jenn: Yes, this was in Baguio. At oo, madalas nga sabihin yung dalawang yan! :-).

  2. Anonymous6:51 pm

    wow! kakagutom na naman!
    pero mukhang mas type ko yung lumpiang sariwa *wink*
    ubod ba yun or what? =)

  3. wow, nagutom ako, fasting pa naman ako!

    sarap din ng lumpia!

  4. OMG! Sanamagan! i love this one! up until now i haven't found the resto that serves the best chopsuey...

    nung college days nandyan yung Soledad 2... still it wasn't good... also this chowking... hhhmmm nearly ok but still... may kulang...

    ...any suggestions?

  5. Anonymous2:37 am

    Iba talaga pag fresh yung veggies, lalo dyan sa Baguio. Sarap ng chopsuey lalo at di sobrabg lambot yung gulay.

  6. wow ang sarap ng chopsuey, dito sa maynila ang mahal ngayon ng gulay at isda. makapag bakasyon nga sa baguio. :)

  7. Anonymous10:58 am

    Thanks, Chef Nick. I think you should have a cooking show, ang galing ng instructions sa pagluluto.

    I love chop suey, but sometimes naoover-cook ko ang veggies (lol). Yep, I also add button mushroom sa chopsuey cause it's my son's favorite.

  8. En! Nababasa ko posts mo sa friendster pero di ako maka-log-in and comment! Huhuhu.

    Mommy Lei, puro gulay naman ah. Baka pwede!

    Ellygears, sa bahay rin talaga ako nakakatikim ng masarap na chopsuey eh... lalo na when my nanay cooks.

    Ann: ang sarap pag malutong yung gulay!

    Cruise: ang dami mong lugar na napupuntahan... saan pa sa Pinas masarap mag-gulay besides Baguio and Benguet?

    Lani: nagiging food-centric nanaman blog ko. Next post ko, food ulit eh hehehe

  9. your chopsuey looks good.. i'm trying to eat veggies already. and this is one of those i find realy yummy.. except for the leafy part, i think the rest is really mouth watering sir nick!


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