02 November 2006

Belated Happy Halloween everyone!

Firstly, thanks everyone for greeting me on my birthday! Actually, I did not have any plans of celebrating. I just wanted it to come and go. But as early as the day before, I was receiving greetings already, and it indeed lifted my spirits so I said, what the heck. I'll just celebrate it on my blog! :-).

Fast forward to Halloween...
Have I mentioned before that I'm choosy with my friends? Yep. I celebrated Halloween with only a few select pals. Here they are:
Oooh, Death hasn't aged one bit!
Here we are, hanging around with Sadako.
And here's my good friend from Tales from the Crypt whose eyes whitened by the sight of me and played me a merry old tune on the piano. Awww....

Kidding. Those figures are from the Mimosa Leisure Park in Clark when we had a seminar over there a day before my birthday.

I celebrated Halloween in Baguio. Thanks to the typhoon and GMA declaring only Nov. 1 as the holiday, I wasn't able to visit my parents' house on that day. We visited them instead last Sunday, which is my father's birthday. The following day, the typhoon arrived, making it dangerous to make a second visit.

On Halloween, we visited the market. Coconuts are very popular at these times, as it is a primary ingredient for making rice cakes.

Inspite of the rains, we placed candles in each room of the house and the surroundings. It was raining at this time, making it impossible to place candles by the gates.
It was a silent Halloween for us. Oooh I have to tell you about the "black event" that happened but I'll talk about that in the next blog.

They said all I talk about is food these days. Not! I talk about it too in my Baguio-Quezon blog! :-)

Belated Happy Halloween everyone!
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