25 November 2006


I just finished my Business Plan presentation! Time is 9:20PM! Now I can finally sleep well tonight!

I would like to thank my team members who gave valuable inputs for the plan, to the cook for the wonderful meals, to admin for the transpo, to management for the nice accommodations, and to my officemates who did not ask mind-boggling questions.


  1. hope you had a great sleep :)

    iba talaga na-a-accomplished kapag may teamwork!

    thnx sa comment thru your officemates blog.

  2. Anonymous12:46 pm

    Good rest is always good.

    Goodluck on your business plan or should I say congrats!!!

  3. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Sir Nick...

    Congrats to us and to you...buti nalang antok na si Mr. Ceo...hehehehehehe :D

    grabe...can we go and watch Casino Royale now? hehehehe


  4. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Mukhang matindi pinagdaanan nyo ah. Casino Royale na raw kayo sir nick.

  5. hi watson.. how was d grilling planning session??

  6. Watson, I hope you had a very impressive presentation that would rake in millions of pesos for your company. Then when you get your bonuses, treat us all to KFC. We're game. :D

  7. Iskoo: Umakyat ako ng Baguio after the planning tapos baba ulit ng Manila last Sunday so bumabawi pa rin ng tulog :-)

    Leah: Thanks ha!

    Follen: Casino Royale! I wanna watch!

    Ann: Grabe nga. A week of restless sleep.

    Princess Em: Hayun. Grilled to the max. hehehe

    Abaniko: why KFC in particular? May share kaya ako dun sa millions? ehehehe


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