20 November 2006

Mushroomed burger

Business Planning season! I will be quite preoccupied until the end of this week. Thank you all for visiting my blog. Hope things let up after our planning.

At any rate, we had an event at Tagaytay last week. While on the way to the town proper to buy some school supplies, we spotted Mushroom Burger, a restaurant where they use mushrooms for the patty. You may also buy mushrooms if you want. We decided to drop by for a quick lunch.

Mushroom Burger once had a branch in Greenbelt. But when the place was renovated years ago, the restaurant row disappeared, which included a Japanese shop (was it Tokyo Tokyo?) and a "lugawan" (congee shop). So I believe you can have your Mushroom Burger craving only at Tagaytay these days.
The place is laid-out cafeteria-style. My companion said the place gets filled with customers in the weekends. Students also have field trips there and visit their mushroom farm which is adjacent to the restaurant.
I had my first mushroom burger years ago, so I was likewise excited to taste it once again.

Well... I was a bit disappointed actually. Filipinos in general like their burgers sweet, but in this case I wanted to really taste the patty. But the dressing (mayo and ketchup combination) overpowered everything else. My companions, though, loved it, and they were pleasantly surprised that it was like eating a regular burger.

The photos by the counter, of course, displayed really nice photos of the burgers. We ordered the jumbo versions. But when it arrived ... it mushroomed! Oh well. Sign of the times eh?
Maybe it's just me. Maybe I expected too much. Anyways, if you happen to drop by Tagaytay and get curious about having mushrooms for lunch, do drop by there and let me know!


  1. Anonymous1:23 am

    kagagalig ko lang nang tagaytay fiesta kasi sa haus ng friend ko sa mendez. nagyaya akong kumain diyan sa mushroom burger. sabi ng barkada ko sa west ave na lang daw

  2. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Been to Tagaytay quite a number of times. I should try to get back there just to eat this famous "Mushroom Burgers"

  3. I hope they only use the edible mushrooms! ;-)

  4. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Although I love mushrooms (ginisa with lots of bawang and butter - yeah cholesterol), not sure about mushroom burgers... Hmmn, might be interesting to try. haven't heard that before.

  5. Anonymous7:33 pm

    I haven't tried that mushroom burger yet. Di ba sya matabang?

  6. hey! i remember the mushroom burber stand beside tokyo tokyo near mcdo in greenbelt! now i think it's just a parking lot.

    nway, havent tried that yet. i heard good reveiws abt it tho. i'm surprised it's full of ketchup and mayo. ayaw ko yung ganun na burger.

    sana dinalhan niyo ako sir nick! hehe.. takaw ever..

  7. Anonymous12:59 am

    kapag dumaan kami sa tagaytay di kami hindi dadaan dyan sa mushroom burgers, sarap sarap :)

  8. Anonymous1:00 am

    natikman ko na yung mushroom burger na talagang malapad sa mushroom na inilagay sa tinapay,ang sarap! meron kasi ako nakita ngayon parang grinded na mushroom na mukhang hamburger.

  9. yan ang kinain namin ng aking ex husbandry nung una niya ako'ng dinala sa tagaytay...lasang hamburger naman talaga, so for the health conscious, this should be a treat :)

  10. Anonymous11:20 pm

    That's what we noticed too on our last visit. The mushroom burger seemed to have shrunk. But at least, it still tasted the same.


  11. Anonymous8:33 pm

    I love mushroom Burgers. especially Mushroom Sandwich with Cheese.. it is good healthy!!! Please support MUSHROOM BURGERS!!!They are humble person (supervisor) coz of mine friend talaga than sysoal starbuck, teriyaki boy, pancake, yellow cab... Thank you!

  12. Anonymous2:09 am

    Never been 2 Mushroom Burger-Tagaytay but I have tried the burger & it's good. Kpag lunch-out kasi sa ofc ng husband ko before ngt-take-out cya for me "pasalubong." ;-)
    Pag-uwi nmin ng Pinas, subukan ko pumunta MB-Tagaytay with my frenz.
    Kitakits mga frenzy!


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