06 November 2006

The Black Story

I promised to narrate the "black story" in my previous post so here goes ...

Unlike in other places where Halloween is being celebrated with parties and trick or treating, we just wanted to quietly observe the day by having some furniture fixed and purchase flowering plants that will be placed in our small garden, and have candles lighted in strategic places inside and outside the house so no ghosts come wandering where they're not supposed to.

So off we went in the early afternoon carrying four black chairs that comprise our dining area seating that needed upholstering. After some considerable arranging and rearranging, we managed to stuff these all in Blackie, our black Honda Civic.

We got into the car and turn on the ignition. The engine rumbled slightly then died off. Uh oh. A couple more tries revealed the same "uh-oh" result. A neighbor passed by and said it might have trouble starting because we did not use it for a couple of days so we just have to try and try and try.

That we did, until I finally gave up. I told my wife that I better carry the chairs by twos to the upholstery shop because they might close early. So I carried two chairs to the shop, then went back for the next two. My wife accompanied me on the second trip so she can haggle the price with the shop owner.

A black cat appeared out of nowhere from our right side and cross right in front of us. We stopped. Wasn't that a sign of bad luck? Where's a pinch of salt to throw over your shoulder when you need one?
It's turning out to be a black day for us. Black chairs, black car, black cat. Is this Friday the 13th? Did this mean we were being warned not to continue with our trip to the Orchidarium?

We went back to the car. Lo and behold. The engine hummed at first start! Well, there's no turning back now. We made our way to Burnham Park to buy our plants.

And that's the end of the black story. Bitin ba? :-) How anti-climactic! lol

Here's Jo-Lo enjoying our trip to the Orchidarium.
My wife and Jo-Lo buying grapes from a wandering vendor.
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