09 November 2006

Yacon: down to earth goodness

Isn't it strange how one fails to observe may things in his surroundings, but when we are alerted to its presence, it seems like it's everywhere?

Before I hardly take notice of the brand of cars that ply our streets. But when I started driving, I suddenly realized how many Honda Civic ESIs there are still being driven around.

And then there's the trekking adventures. Going to the mountains and staying by the river is a treat I always look forward to. When I come back to Manila, I notice the prevailing absence of vegetation and the presence of pollution. But sometimes in the late afternoons, when the skies are clear and the clouds lazily drift by, I sometimes catch myself staring upwards and wishing I was back in the mountains.

I'm veering off from the subject matter on hand. Have you ever heard of "Yacon"? I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't. It was, in fact, my first time to learn about this two weekends ago! I was in Baguio when a friend here in Manila sent me an SMS asking if I knew what Yacon was. I didn't, so I asked my wife. "Sure", she said. "It looks like potatoes and it's said to have medicinal properties."

Whoa. She knows about it. And it's being sold in the local market!

That afternoon, I went out and searched for this Yacon. And there it was. It was not clearly a popular item; only a handful of stores sell them. But those who have them have a large "Yacon" sign to attract buyers. I bought 3 kilos for my friend's father.

When I hand-delivered it to them, his father sliced up some for me to taste. It was crunchy and a bit sweet. It tasted good. We finished one batch and we were served up another.

Yacon is good for people with diabetes, it aids in digestion, and may help prevent colon cancer. As stated in the website I have referenced below, Yacon is "high in fiber, low in fat, and rich in oligofructose, Yacon is considered by many to be a superfood of the future."

Amazing. A superfood of the future, right under my nose.

Read on about Yacon at Seeds of Change: Certified Organic.
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