06 February 2007

My first CT scan

I arrived at the SLU Hospital of the Sacred Heart with my wife yesterday at 1PM. We made way for the CT Scan laboratory and unceremoniously handed over my Doctor's request. It was for the CT scan of my paranasal sinuses. I was being scanned for the possibility of a cyst that's affecting my ear. Oh boy.

I was ushered into a sparsely-furnished room. In the middle was a huge, white, donut-shaped contraption with a narrow bed. I was half-expecting to be asked to disrobe but I was just asked to remove my shoes and lie down.

Soon the bed moved into position and my head was parallel with the donut-shaped thing. Inspite of the reason why I was there, I couldn't help but be in awe with the medical advancements we have done so far. Take this CT scan for example. I simply have to lie down and they can see what the inside of my head looks like! Amazing.

They then asked me to lie on my stomach, chin up. Yep, quite an uncomfortable position. But still better than having to go through a scalpel and slice open my head. Ugh. Yep, this option is just fine with me.

After some time, the attendant informed me that we're done. Whew! Now for the scan results... which will have to wait for another post.
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