09 February 2007

And the diagnosis is...

Maxilliary sinusitis. WebMD defines it as "an infection of the maxillary sinus, which is located in the mid-face". I was having my ears checked, and they found my sinusitis instead. Guess the nose, ears, and eyes are really interconnected, huh? At least the word "chronic" or "acute" is not appended to the diagnosis. I was being asked to go back so the EENT doctor can prescribe medication.

Thanks to everyone who wished me luck on the CT Scan! Unfortunately, I might not be able to see the scan itself; it's up there in Baguio. I'm feeling much better, by the way. The pain in my right ear is not as strong as before, and its recurrence is not as frequent.

Happy weekend!


  1. Sounds better than a cyst. Hope the medication takes care of it!

  2. Anonymous4:31 pm

    good news yan. buti na lang ganyan lang.

  3. glad to know that it isn't anything serious. :)

  4. Anonymous12:30 am

    At least di serious. Nakaka torture din kasi maghintay ng results.

  5. Tito nick, wala ka ng tagboard? Di ko makita. Tsek mo yung top ten ko, kasali ka run. Remember yung comics?

  6. Anonymous4:33 pm

    good to hear that, there reason to celebrate!

  7. Anonymous4:35 pm

    sounds a minor case nalang, hope for speedy recovery!

  8. it's good to know that it's nothing as serious as having a cyst up there...you'll be well soon :)


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