19 February 2007

Alarm clock

Shutter: 1/15; Aperture: f 3.5; Focal length: 50.70mm

I'm trying to study how photography works, and will post some of my experiments here. In fact, I'm not yet very familiar with the terms described above! hahaha. Just copied it off the properties of the photo. Hope you will also enjoy reviewing this and future snapshots. Tips and suggestions most welcome!


  1. Shutter speed??? what? am I in the right blog??? :D wheres the food? hehehehehe...

    Nice Photo... but it would have been nice if you were able to zoom it a bit more... :) more focus on the chicken, less the surrounding :D

    good shot... i give it 4.5 stars!

  2. Uy that's a good idea... the ranking thing.

    Other commenters, if you would, please rank my photo, 1 star (or whatever unit of measure you want to give) being the lowest, and 5 stars the highest! Thanks!

  3. Anonymous11:38 am

    Naalala ko nung unang makarinig mga kids ko ng tilaok ng manok sa umaga, natakot sila...hehehe. Ano raw ba yun? Nanggigising nga naman eh.

    Di kita ma rate kasi wala akong idea sa photography pero magaganda naman mga shots mo.

  4. Uy Ann thanks ha. Pero ok lang naman kung bigyan mo ako ng 5 stars eh! hehehe

  5. the colors are nice and vivid. :) what camera are you using?

  6. Meowok: Canon Powershot Pro S2is po.

  7. Paging Canon: promotional fee ko po. hehehe

  8. Anonymous11:02 pm

    o, photography naman ngayon.

    cannot give rating like the one above. novice din ako dyan e, pasubok-subok lang din. :)

    but i must say it's been a looong time since i saw a rooster last. :)

  9. photography??? hay salamat..di pagkain ...hehehhe...rating??? let me see... how about 3? ...hehhe playing safe..

  10. Great shot. Oh, how I wish I could have a more powerful camera too. I should add that to my wish list for my birthday :)

    I'm not a photo expert and don't know how to base my rating. But it's a good photo. Keep it up.

  11. ang sarap hulihin tapos retratuhin sa kawali. gross me. hehehe

  12. hehe! pareho tayo....have no idea what those numbers are! Good photo though :)

    teka....yung ranking binigyan ka ni follenkollen ng 4.5 eh yung scale mo, naging 5 and highest. What if he meant 4.5 on a scale of 10? haha! joke lang yung.

    ok....sa photo, I do like the composition, kasama na ang background. *****


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