06 February 2007

My first CT scan

I arrived at the SLU Hospital of the Sacred Heart with my wife yesterday at 1PM. We made way for the CT Scan laboratory and unceremoniously handed over my Doctor's request. It was for the CT scan of my paranasal sinuses. I was being scanned for the possibility of a cyst that's affecting my ear. Oh boy.

I was ushered into a sparsely-furnished room. In the middle was a huge, white, donut-shaped contraption with a narrow bed. I was half-expecting to be asked to disrobe but I was just asked to remove my shoes and lie down.

Soon the bed moved into position and my head was parallel with the donut-shaped thing. Inspite of the reason why I was there, I couldn't help but be in awe with the medical advancements we have done so far. Take this CT scan for example. I simply have to lie down and they can see what the inside of my head looks like! Amazing.

They then asked me to lie on my stomach, chin up. Yep, quite an uncomfortable position. But still better than having to go through a scalpel and slice open my head. Ugh. Yep, this option is just fine with me.

After some time, the attendant informed me that we're done. Whew! Now for the scan results... which will have to wait for another post.


  1. Hoping it is nothing serious!

    I've had a couple CT scans in my life. One on my chest and one on my knee. The picture, if they let you see them, are really neat!

  2. Me too...had a couple of CT scans... its really cool, although its quite a bit of a shock at first...

    pero its really cool once you get to see what they scanned... hehehehe...

    i had the 3d scan for my heart recently, and it was also cool... :D

    lagot ka sir nick, its time you should stop using your ipod...hahahahaha

  3. Anonymous9:21 pm

    I hope everything turns out okay. San kaya galing yang ganyang ailment? Di kaya sa laging byahe ng baguio-manila? Di ba masakit din yun sa ears minsan?

  4. Anonymous10:00 pm

    im crossing my fingers for you.

  5. hi sir nick.. i'm sure it's nothing serious. hindi bagay sayo magka sakit. so did you pay for anything? it's supposed to be covered..

  6. Anonymous3:23 pm

    di pa ako nakaranas ng CT scan but like you said better than slicing your head or chest open by knife, mas oks na rin scanning.

    hope the result will be favorable to you.

  7. Hello Kuya Nick! How's it going? My prayer for you would be proper/accurate detection of what ever is causing your discomfort so you'd get the right treatment. You'll be fine. Take care!

  8. Anonymous8:31 pm

    di pa ko nakapag pa CT scan... hope it's nothing serious... another new experience for you... :)

  9. Hopefully nothing serious!
    Take care!
    A good opportunity to see the shape of your brains! ;-)

  10. Ed: I'd like to see what my insides look like as well. hehehe

    Follen: new blogger ID? actually, i don't use the ipod on my right ear because of the pain. my left ear is ok though.

    Ann: I voiced this out to the doctor and she said it's not likely the cause because "damage" caused by pressure results in ringing of the ears

    Cess: Thanks ha

    Dessagirl: I did not pay for medical expenses. Thanks ha for informing me.

    Iskoo: Yes I hope so too

    Ate Fionski: Salamat ha!

    Lino: I get scared everytime I go to the hospital. But this trip was a relatively quick and painless one :-)

    Sidney: Yes, I hope I can see my scan too!


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