19 April 2007

Dear Future Me

A friend and I have been watching the hit TV series Heroes recently, where ordinary men and women possess extraordinary powers. One day we theorized what sort of powers we would like to have in case something in our DNAs get "messed" up and get evolutionized a gazillion notches up the chain.

So what will it be? Invisibility, memory recall, flying?

"It would be great to have Petrelli's power. He merely touches the others and he can already imitate their power." My friend said.

Hmmm... good point. Right now, the only real power I have is walking fast (friends usually call out to me and ask what's the hurry... it's just that we walk everywhere in Baguio that it's second nature. And then there's also my power to have migraines.

"Oh wait... Hiro's power is cool too. The power to bend time and space."

Oh yes. Wouldn't it be great to go back in time and correct your mistakes? Or go forward in time to see how you and the world would fare? I wonder how you would count your age then, with your present getting mixed with the past and future? Hmmm...

Well, here's a way to travel and catch up with your old self in the future. Best part is, you don't need to have such power!

FutureMe.org enables you to write a message to yourself and send it to a date of your choice in the future. What an excellent idea! Why haven't I thought of this myself!?

Uncle BatJay introduced this site to the blogkadahan members. It was such an interesting topic that it's currently the thread in the blogkadahan blog. My present self is planning to write my future self as well. It's a great idea in keeping track of where you were and where you will be when you receive the letter in the future.

I can just imagine my surprise when I read an e-mail from my past self (I would feign surprise hehehe). Delighted? Or Saddened? Depends on what I would have done with my life between the creation and submission of the letter.

What about you? Interested to write to your future self? Then head on to FutureMe.org today. It's free!

Happy weekend everyone!

Photo: Rizal goes to Luneta for execution before the firing squad. Taken at Fort Santiago.
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