23 April 2007

Food and Friends

When we have friends in Baguio, we always make it a point to have a get-together over food, no matter how simple it is. Here are some photos that couldn't quite find their way into the blog, and so has ended up as a collective set of photos and friends.

Breakfast is served!

I separate the yolk from the white when I scramble eggs. When the whites get frothy, I add in the yolk, dash of salt, and a couple tablespoons water. I saw it as part of a recipe for omelet back in grade school and has been doing it since.
The fish strips (below left) come from Davao. At the lower right is homemade pickled pepper. There's my scrambled eggs, scrambled just the way I like it! Meatloaf, butter, and bread completes this simple breakfast for our guests.
Oh, there's some fresh tomatoes too!
There's Jo-Lo with his camera grin.

Late-night coffee!

The next set of photos is from a late night out at upper Session Road. The place is Vizco's, serving yummy coffee and cake.

Pauline and Jo-Lo burning the midnight oil with us.

This was my order. The predictable me usually just order either apple pie or carrot cake when I don't feel adventurous.

We chatted until midnight, bracing ourselves against the cool night air while chatting with friends.


  1. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Nothing beats a Baguio breakfast!!

  2. Anonymous8:53 pm

    hanep, ang sarap ng breakfast! makikikain!

  3. Mia: with hot choco or coffee in the morning!

    Lady Cess: May extra chair pa!

  4. grabe! how come pauline gets to go there a zillion times?

    my favorite meal is breakfast. i cannot live without breakfast.. i also love scrambled eggs! the best yan lahat ng pinost mong pictures ever! waaaaa!!!!

  5. Dessagirl: sige invited ka for breakfast sa amin when you get back to Baguio. Kelan nga ba?

  6. GREAT PHOTOS! Made me hungry just looking at them

  7. Anonymous1:08 pm

    I just had a coffee bun for breakfast. I thought it was good. Then I saw your breakfast pics. I guess my bun wasn't that good pala. I'm hungry again!

    Your pics are really good ha!

  8. parang gusto kong maki-breakfast senyo, at SIMPLE pa lang yun ha? :)

    you add water in your omelet? hmm, subukan ko nga rin hehe.

    btw, great shots especially the eggs. :)

  9. Yummy breakfast! Sarap magkamay at talagang lumamon. Naku, siguro tataba ang mga kaibigan mo kapag binibisita ka nila sa Baguio.

  10. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Breakfast pa lang parang heavy meal na. Napaka espesyal yata ng mga visitors natin ah.

    Sarap ng mga cakes kaya lang bawal sa sbd lahat...hahaha!

  11. ebb_tide: thanks! and thanks for dropping by!

    Toni: Thanks ha! Practicing pa rin

    Zherwin: thanks. trick yun sa omelet-making. Don't know what's the effect of the water though. More frothy whites?

    Abaniko: Ako, tumataba na talaga. hehehe

    Ann: Oo nga ano... kaya sabi ko na nga ba hindi ako tatagal sa SBD eh hehehe

  12. Can you send some cool air my way? ;-)

  13. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Carrot and chocolate (German cake) are my favs w/o da icing. Egg omelets w/longganisa and rice are best in morning..nako, mabisin tayo manen...goodhealth.

  14. ganda ng pic ng eggs, natuwa ako. kakagutom pics mo...


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