02 April 2007

Sausages on air

This row of sausage and lechon vendors has been in this section of the Baguio City Public Market for as long as I can remember. Tourists usually just wander around a long, shaded lane of shops offering vegetables, fruits, souvenirs, and sweets. But walk "the road less travelled", so to speak, and you get to see this lane (it's actually just adjacent to the tourist strip), as well as a place where tobacco leaves are sold next to coconut grinders (where we get our guinataan ingredients).

Strange thing is, I can't recall us ever having bought our longganisa from here. We usually get ours from our suking butcher shop nearby.


And as I revisited this post moments ago to edit something, I thought this post was rather out-of-place for this week is Holy Week, when the faithful is called to abstain from eating meat. Anyways, this is my photo blog for Monday... have a meaningful week, everyone.


  1. hi sir nick...

    hmmm... i remember this picture... :)

    btw, thanks for granting my request this morning, it really meant alot...

    i owe you one... my sisters says thanks too...

    btw again, your seaweeds will arrive tomorrow...

  2. Follen: oh yeah we were at the market then. thanks for the seaweeds!

  3. Anonymous10:55 pm

    hehe, cute ng mga longganisa... nice shot...

  4. hi nick! i loved this shot for two reasons: ang ganda kasi, at big fan ako ng longganisa. naglalaway na 'ko. sarap niyan with freshly cooked rice topped with toasted garlic. tapos suka. ay champion. ey thanks for visiting my blog nga pala. let us know kung may climb kayo ha? bebert and i would like to go.

  5. Anonymous5:00 am

    Not everyone abstains from meat on Holy Week these days. During the time of our lolos and lolas siguro, but now? Everyone nods with the priest inside the church and does exactly the opposite when outside.

    The longganisas look great! I also noticed they are cheaper there than the ones we have here. You also like seaweeds? Seaweeds with longganisa is delicious, I guess. Haven't tried it yet but I'm sure its a winner!

  6. Anonymous2:07 pm

    matagal na akong hindi nakakadalaw ng baguio, but when we have friends going there, nagpapabili kami ng longganisa dyan sa market. hindi ko alam kung anong klase yon, pero ang sarap. nakakatawa lang hindi mo pa pala natitikman, samantalang kami isa yan sa mga must-buy in baguio, hehehe.

  7. Lino: thanks ha!

    Donna: Ako rin, big fan ng longganisa! Bigla tuloy ako nagutom rin hahaha. Sige kapag may trek sched, sabihan ko kayo!

    Emer: Ummm... yeah I guess medyo guilty rin ako dyan. I love your ararusap photo in our mailing list, by the way!

    Lady Cess: Ang nakahiligan kong longganiza, yung galing Vigan. Grabe, ang saraaaappppp. Sa Baguio... di ko sure kung merong natively Baguio na longganisa eh...

  8. EHEHE.. naisip ko nga na mejo off yung pag advertise mo ng rows of meat..

    but heck, i eat meat anytime of the year..

  9. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Sa daan lang ba yan nakasabit? Eh di puro alikabok na yan, magfasting na nga lang...hehehe.

  10. sausages on air... makapunta nga diyan...

  11. hi nick!

    strange. hindi rin kami bumibili dyan ng longganisa, although we have tried the lechon. :)

    sa tuvera's kami bili eh. mga longganisa adik din. :)

    you here in baguio?

  12. Anonymous1:16 am

    wow!! nabigla ako dun, nagsabit yung mga longganisa ha!! pero lam mo, gusto ko yung medyo sweet tapos sawsaw sa suka! haaaay.... ang sarap talaga! makapagluto nga mamaya... hehehe!

  13. Haven't tried longganisa from Baguio but I generally like eating all kinds of longganisa. I read your comment below and like you, I like vigan longganisa too. Perfect for breakfast with sunny side-up eggs and rice.

  14. Anonymous6:16 pm


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  15. hehehe... I see the irony in your post edit. :)

    I, too, never knew there was a Baguio Longganisa until they paraded them around Session road. Our market is much better (not to mention cheaper) outside the tourist part. Dirtier yes, but more adventurous also!

  16. Anonymous10:21 pm

    di kaya kurtina lang yan? hehehe. joke.

    masarap kaya? di ko pa rin nasubukan bumili dyan sa market ng baguio ng langgonisa.

  17. Dessagirl: yes, pwede mo gawing kurtina ito sa house nyo. hehehe

    Ann: Yes, nasa labas lang sya pero not really sa maalikabok na area...

    jho: Kuha ka rin ng photo ha!

    Jessie: Hinahanap namin kung nasaan yung Tuvera's. Saan ba yun?

    rho: Yehey! longganisa time!

    Rach: Oh yes. the perfect breakfast.

    Jessica: thanks!

    Alternati: true. Plus, you can do a bit of haggling too!

    Iskoo: Cute nga eh. Parang mga kurtina. hahaha. Imagine... kurtina na longganisa. Iba-ibang flavors ito... gusto ko yung maliliit na pula.

  18. Anonymous7:23 pm

    BagUboy is just wandering and found your nice site...totoo yung mga comments, longganisa here in Baguio is da best, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 'wag naman araw-araw, bad for da heart...goodhealth and cheers!


  19. TruBlue: uy thanks for dropping by my blog! Hope you visit regularly and let me know of interesting places to talk about in Baguio.

  20. Anonymous3:23 pm

    If there's one thing I'm so remissed at as a bag-u-boy is still my refusal to visit our city's historical sites: PMA, Mansion House, Country Club, Tam-awan, SM Mall, Teacher's Camp. Seen these places from a distance only in passing a thousand times over. It will be on my New Year's Resolution again.
    I've always wondered how many here in Baguio are like me? So, during my travels, if someone asks about PMA for instance, I respond in a nonchalant manner such as: Uh, andon pa rin, same place...pero one of these days.
    goodhealth to family.....


  21. TruBlue: Don't worry. You're in good company. Ganun din ako eh. Sometimes people from the office ask me, "paano pumunta sa lugar na ito?" When I tell them I don't know, they raise their eyebrows and ask, "diba taga-Baguio ka?" hehehe

    Kasi nga we're so accustomed to having these places around that we sort of not make the effort to visit them di ba? I'm not even familiar with the street names in Baguio no matter how many times I've walked through them.

    Perhaps this is why I enjoy blogging about Baguio. Now that I work and live in Manila, I see Baguio in a new light.

  22. Anonymous3:24 am

    Hi, chanced upon your blog and the curtain of longganisa. Have a similar shot in Go Baguio! I don't buy my longganisa at the market though -- the ones made by the SVD priests at the Agnus Dei Seminary behind the Laurel House are infinitely better. Cheap, too, at Php165/kilo.

    Included you in my blogroll, too, at Baguio Insider under The Baguio Connection. See ya around!

  23. Lisa: thanks fro dropping by my blog! I'll visit yours as well. And thanks for the tip about the longganisa. Although... I don't know where the Agnus Dei Seminary is...

  24. Anonymous3:43 am

    Across the Mansion is a large beautiful property owned by the Laurel family *the one with the impressive driveway. There's a road behind it as you go towards Mines View Park (can't remember the name), the seminary is right behind it.



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