16 April 2007

Puerto Galera

Leap of Faith
There were lots of boats in the water ... getting this shot required patiently waiting for the other boats to disperse.
We rode in one of these going to and from Puerto Galera.
Off to snorkel we go!

Baby Jo-Lo and I sitting by the beach enjoying the late afternoon sights and letting the water rush and subside before us.

Congratulations to Fr. Efren N. Reyes (more popularly known as Fr. Wren) of the Missionaries of Jesus on his 25th Anniversary of Ordination to Priesthood yesterday, April 15th. My wife and I and her colleagues from St. Louis College La Union visited him on this special day at the Sto. Nino Parish in Modesto, San Mateo, Rizal.


  1. sir nick! gumagaling ka na mag-picture taking ha! uuuuuuy!

  2. Anonymous4:54 pm

    nice pics. ok yung "leap of faith " , the title is apt. pero batay sa kung pano mo nakuha ang pic na yan, dapat may subtitle ka pala" patience is a virtue" :D

  3. That is a nice action shot! Seems a bit dangerous to me!

  4. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Sorry Nick, but where's Puerto Galera? Just one of those things u know..di tayo geography oriented.
    How you posts these pleasure to watch pics are quite commendable. One of these days, I'll figure out these terms download, upload stuff.
    Goodhealth to family...


  5. Dessa girl: Uy thanks ha!

    Cess: Tama ka dun. hahaha

    Sidney: I think it's actually prohibited. But know how some people are.

    TruBlue: Puerto Galera is in Mindoro and is quite a popular vacation spot for tourist and locals alike because it's relatively near Manila.

  6. Anonymous8:25 pm

    dear, malapit lapit ka ng maging full pledged celebrity... ;}


  7. Anonymous10:14 pm

    ang taas nun ah, malamim na ba sa bandang yun, parang nasa shoreline lang. ganda ng mga kuha mo.

  8. Dear: Nye! Di naman siguro...

    Cruise: Actually napansin namin kasi "SPLAT!" yung tunog nung pagbagsak nung unang diver. Medyo malakas. Diba kung hindi maganda bagsak mo sa tubig, masakit? Itong second diver, SPLAT din. hehehe

  9. Anonymous12:07 am

    nice pics watson... alam mo ba? i've been to different beaches in the country, pero itong puerto galera, kung saan mas malapit dito sa manila, eh di ko pa napupuntahan... hehe. kaya nga dapat mapuntahan ko rin yan, ilalagay ko sa listahan ko... :) baguio na ulet kayo?

  10. Anonymous3:35 am

    ang ganda nung pix, talagang na-capture mo ang moment kuya kaya lang.. nakakatakot!! sobrang taas ha!

    ang saya-saya ng inyong bakasyon!

  11. Cool Pics. Patience will indeed give us something worth it...
    "Leap of Faith" shot is really really really really nice...

  12. Great photos nick. Love the compostion of you and Jolo's feet in the water.

  13. i like the shot of your and jolo's feet with water rushing, ang ganda nung pagka-capture ng mixture ng sand at water. :)

    btw, how did you put watermark on your pics?

  14. Lino: thanks! Tagal ko na rin naririnig and Puerto Galera. At least napuntahan ko na. Dito ako sa Manila... pumunta kami sa San Mateo last weekend.

    rho: Hindi naman kami nagpakasaya to the max, kasi Holy Week nun. Nagmasid-masid lang kami, pa-upo-upo sa beach..

    Jho: thanks ha. I like that shot two. Actually, dalawa yan. Inerase ko yung isa kasi nawalan ako ng memory.

    Leah: thanks! Jo-Lo really had a nice time at the beach.

    Zherwin: thanks. I use Photoshop for that. Medyo matagal nga lang gawin but I'm comfortable with the software. I actually tried other, smaller programs but haven't selected one yet.

  15. Nice "leap of faith" pic. jumping that high is definitely something that would make me think twice about before doing. :)

  16. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Akala ko sa Acapulco Mexico lang yang "leap of Pain"..That hurts man, if you splashed belly first! Splashed on my belly at Asin Hot Springs years ago at ONLY 10ft but I managed to smile (ang di alam ng crowd, my ego was bruised, naiiyak ako sa loob, hehe). Still, that's dangerous...cheers to all.


  17. Wil: Me, I would never do it. Pasakayin o nalang ako sa roller coaster hehe

    TruBlue: 10 feet... even at that height I will not jump haha. Yes, hitting the water at a wrong angle is like hitting a brick wall daw. Ouch. TruBlue, why don't you make a blog too? It would be interesting to read your stories too I'm sure.

    I heard Asin Hot Springs has improved dramatically resort-wise. I'd like to visit again one day. The last time I went there, it was still 1 resort with the same swimming pool and kiddie pool that's been there for ages.

  18. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Parang nakakatakot yung pix sa "leaf of faith". Ano kaya at sumabit ka sa mga bato run...hehehe..ang taas pa.

    Ang cute ng mga paa nyo ni baby Jo-lo. Gandang gawing header no?

  19. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Tried once to create my own blog two months ago but went nowhere. I'm just not computer savvy. If I was a blogger though, would blog first about my only daughter. On her first yr taking up her masters in Phychology, she abruptly quit to be a housewife as that was her dream all along!!! (such an obedient girl ano, what a lame excuse). Btw, her first patient would be my wife and second would be my wife's sis for unnecessarily upgrading her boobs!! Sa isip ko lang yon, recommendation ika nga..
    At any rate, am satisfied just commenting here, there, and everywhere. Cheers to all.....


  20. Did you get a chance to go to The Coral Gardens and check out that underwater cavern I wrote about in A Puerto Galera Moment? Wat, if you didn't I'm a little disappointed in you buddy.

  21. Ann: Uuuuyyy ideas ideas...

    TruBlue: tamo nga yan, you got stories to tell! Di rin naman ako computer savvy e, end-user lang ika nga. At any rate, I really appreciate your dropping by and sharing your stories.

    Phil: You were at Big Lalaguna, which was different from where we went to, the White Beach which is more popular with the locals... but I don't really swim that well either so I'm not keen on diving anytime soon


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