26 April 2007

Instant noodle, instant gratification, instant review

Last night, Harry (my pad buddy) and I arrived home earlier than usual. That's 8:00PM. In our line of work, it's normal to go home at 9 or 10PM so while others are preparing to call it a night, we sneak in an hour or two to unwind by watching TV (or, as I have found myself enjoying lately, listening to radio. But that's another story).

So imagine our wonderment at the couple of extra hours we had on hand that night! Watch a movie? No money. Watch TV? Ok. While he watched, I rummaged through my stuff looking for my eyeglasses and found my shades instead. And then I scanned through some craft books I bought months back.

Would you believe that relaxing can also make you hungry? That's where we found ourselves at half past eleven. So wouldn't it be great to have a midnight snack? So I brought out the instant chicken sopas and started to cook.

Ten minutes later... the noodles were still small and tough. Twenty minutes later... still small and less tough but still tough. But it was already under fire for twice the recommended time so we poured it into bowls.

Man... it was bad. No mater how thoroughly you mixed it up while cooking, some of the powdered flavoring stuck in the elbow macaroni was not dissolved. Munch into one of those flavor-packed noodles and it can send shockwaves on your taste buds. Really.

The instructions on how to cook it was simple enough. I wonder where it went wrong. And nope, it wasn't expired. My verdict: handle with care, or go for the real chicken sopas.

But here's the thing. Harry liked his share and consumed his bowl. To each his own, eh?

We both agreed though that it was not a satisfying meal (this is the midnight snack that turned to a meal). So we bought instant noodles with egg and pan de sal. Ten minutes later, our hunger pangs were satisfied. Yay! Now that hit right on the spot!
Ummm... this time Harry said it was a bit salty. Eh?

Now with a large chunk of our budget going to eating out, we plan to stock up on food that can last us a week which we can have as midnight snack or it can go with rice for dinner as well. Perhaps you have tried and tested recipes and food ideas you can share with us! Thanks!


I'd like to share other photos from Fort Santiago:

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