27 January 2009

Seton Nossiter Park revisited

We were barely a month in Wellington when we first visited the Seton Nossiter Park. We liked the place so much that we said we will go back one of these days. That day came last weekend, albeit unexpectedly.

Our friends Pinkee and Ricky have moved house at Woodridge the previous week, and they invited us, as well as Jerry and Myra's family (and RA, another friend) to their new place. We were having small talk and some refreshments at the living room, and the afternoon was moving to one of our routines of movie-watching. Suddenly Pinkee suggested we do a bit of bushwalking. Jo-Lo and I have been to one of the nearby trails (which I am yet to blog about), so I was thinking it was going to be that one. However, we started walking down Colchester Road instead.
Lo and behold! A track from within Seton Nossiter! We guessed it might lead us to the home of Bill and Debbie's home. But wherever the Lawson's track will take us, the spontaneity of it all made us excited and we trodded onward.
This trail is very clearly marked. In fact, all you have to do is follow the neatly laid-out path and you will never get lost. It is wonderful really, to be able to enjoy such trails with kids and friends because no particular navigation skills are necessary.
Lush vegetation surrounded us. Wonderful flowers....
... and edible berries!

There were small streams along the way but sturdy wooden bridges afforded us safe passage.

After a half-hour leisurely walk, the trees suddenly gave way to a grassy meadow. My wife delightedly exclaimed that we have been there before! Indeed, it was the place where we had our photo by the row of trees. And the bench was there as always!

Our friends had their photos taken there as well.

After loitering a bit, we proceeded uphill and received a warm welcome into Debbie and Bill's home. We had a grand time swapping stories and after an hour, we bid farewell, being 8 in the evening already but with the sun still affording us a lot of light to continue our walk home.

More photos of this wonderful park are available at the Kaleidoscope blog.

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