03 October 2008

Seton Nossiter Park

We were busy doing our laundry and cleaning up last Sunday morning when we heard a tap on the door. Bill and his wonderful daughter was outside! They were an hour early, we thought. They have invited us for lunch and were to fetch us by 12 noon.

When we remarked that they were early, we were reminded that it's DST on that day, and that we were to adjust our watches one hour in advance! We forgot! DST, or Daylight Savings Time, will last til April next year.

So we dropped everything we were doing and got dressed up in a jiffy. A quick drive later, we were introduced to the happy family and had a wonderful lunch. Their place boasts of a wonderful view of the open spaces and hills yonder. It turned out that just across their street is a nature preserve and nature walk! We simply have to see it.

So that afternoon, we crossed the street found ourselves in a wonderful stroll.

We didn't see Hobbits nor Elves wandering about though, but there were a couple of joggers about. It's a manageable 30-minute walk from our place to this park; we may go have a visit again one of these days.

[view other photos at the Kaleidoscope World]

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