04 February 2009

Enjoying the greenery

Even though we come from a city blessed with pine trees and beautiful flowers, we still fully appreciate the greenery that Wellington provides.

Here, my wife is clearly enjoying lying down... the grass?
A view from atop Black Rock Road in Newlands.
This is how some bus stops here look like: shade to protect from sun or rain, a bench for a comfortable wait, advertisement billboards on either side, and a rubbish bin nearby. This one below has a phone booth as well.
Jo-Lo munching on crackers before a strange looking bush.
Ummm... ok, so my wife was not exactly lying down...


  1. Hehe... That lying on the grass pic was very deceptive. :p

  2. Anonymous10:22 am

    Hi tito nick! Musta na? Kala ko naman nahiga talaga si tina dun eh mukhang matalim yung halaman.

  3. Ann: Kumusta na! I miss visiting your blog!

  4. Anonymous1:18 am

    heehee. the pic f your wife was cute. it really looked as if she were lying down ;-)


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