28 March 2009

Time's up

So how did our Earth Hour celebration in Wellington, New Zealand this year go?

We promptly turned off all lights and the TV at 8:30PM right after the American Idol, and we headed off to our room. We decided to ring up a couple of our friends to greet them on this momentous hour. We are happy to say that they, too, were celebrating Earth Hour by turning off all their lights. This phone exchange lasted for more than half an hour. We had to hang up with our second conversation when they said they were going to say the rosary.

And why not say the rosary too? So my wife and I whispered the Glorious mystery while Jo-Lo slept soundly. When we were finished, only a couple more minutes were left of Earth Hour.

We turned on the TV at 9:30PM to watch the remainder of the weekend movie feature, Armaggedon. The irony was not lost to me as we watched a movie about saving the planet. And just like that, it was "time's up."

I hope that others have also found value in this exercise, that simple acts like turning off the lights and plugging off appliances when not in use can make a difference. I hope our Earth is still a looooong way off from its own "time's up." Because we don't really have anywhere else to go when global warming takes a turn for the worse.
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