17 March 2009

28March2009, 8:30PM is Earth Hour

Time flies...

I still vividly remember around the same time last year back in the Philippines. My officemates and I have been planning for this 5-day vacation since December, and we were finally living the dream that beautiful month of March. Our trip lead us through the whitewater rapids of Cagayan de Oro, their night market, the pineapple farm in Bukidnon, and on the beautiful island of Camiguin. It was in the hot springs of Camiguin that we found ourselves the night of Earth Hour. Yep, even while we were on vacation mode, I wanted us to celebrate Earth Hour. For one thing, it's because it's the first time this was being celebrated in the Philippines.

With a stroke of luck, there was actually a power failure on the hot springs resort so cutting back on power usage was easy. But being a resort, they would have some sort of emergency power on hand and so our company used a lone light bulb to light up our picnic table. Not exactly 100% electricity independence but we did what we can. Actually, we did not have that bulb on for much of that hour...

And that is how my first Earth Hour will always be truly memorable for me. Now, here I am in New Zealand with my family, a second Earth Hour worth celebrating and remembering.

Show your support for Mother Earth! Learn more at the Earth Hour site.


  1. kumusta na..Got into contact with Gerome Danganan through friendster, he will be contacting you.
    Most of our class mates from Center Elem school , Lab, and boys high 87 are in Facebook , it would be nice if we could get see you in facebook.

  2. Jerry: Ayos naman. Ikaw kumusta na! Happy 20 years high school anniversary! Oo, nasa Facebook rin ako. Nick Ballesteros.

  3. last year, my earth hour experience wasnt that good. i was in a different house and the owner didnt really support that kind of stuff. so i ended up staying in one bedroom and turning off the lights and ac there. how lame is that??? masabi lang na nag participate... then went out nalang after 5 mins.. ehehehe

  4. Dessagirl: at least andun yung spirit... one hour naman this year? hehe


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