21 March 2009

Taking a ride on the time machine

This week has been one heck of a nostalgic ride. And it all started with a face from my high school days.

My family went to mass a couple of weekends ago and I saw a familiar face. It was unmistakeable. Amazing how his face had not changed much for over 20 years! Equally amazing is the fact that I am quite known for forgetting names and faces but his name came to me like it was only last week that we were classmates! However, before I was able to talk to him after the mass, he had vanished with his family.

A couple of days later, Carlo Peralta, a fellow high school batchmate, left a note in one of my blog posts. I thought about asking him if he had contact with our batchmate. That led to Jerry Andrada, another batchmate, to write that he had contacted our schoolmate and he might be in touch soon, and that many of our batchmates are in Facebook!

Whoa. I've had a Facebook account for quite a while now but occasional searching had not lead to any of my high school classmates. So I searched for Carlo and Jerry. And there they were.

Soon, I was getting requests to link up with other batchmates, and I found some more while searching who was linked to who. Oh, such memories! You'd see their photos 20 years hence, and yet you see them as they were waaaay back in high school. And memories flood in. I'm happy to say most of them are happy memories. Of hanging out in the corridor by the chapel during recess, making noise in the library and getting friendly with the Librarian and helping out with the books, unforgettable instructors...

...the CAT trainings on Saturdays, being on Science high at first year then on regular classes on second year, playing an angel in the school Christmas play one year, then a shepherd in another, and almost demoted to sheep on the following year, my Social Studies teacher calling me and asking why I copied my research off the books and she wouldn't believe that my research composition was original, of my good friend Leo and I getting dropped off our class Top Ten because of Physical Education (darn!) and at the same time happy because our friend Sonny made it to top ten (yipee!) and his mother was so proud of him...

... we played Spirit of the glass and the glass moved! I served at the canteen during recess and found that a very fast-paced work is not for me (I kept forgetting the prices), but we loved being customers just the same even if it's just for soup. And best of all, it was the 80s! Trench coats, petroleum jelly on our hair, baggy pants, tight pants, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Culture Club, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Spandau Ballet, Miami Vice, Star Wars, Superman, Indiana Jones, wrestling, Cyndi Lauper, Mister T, Centurions, Smurfs, Nintendo, Fun House, ...

Seeing my schoolmates on Facebook is like traveling to a time when everything seemed so much simpler. SLU Boys High Batch 1987 rocks! High school was the best.


  1. Funny thing... I've had an FB account for the longest time too pero ngayon lang din naging busy. Perhaps cos it's the "in" thing nowadays and everybody's there na. But you're right, it's a great way to keep in touch. :)

    Hey, I tried searching for you there a while back, walang lumabas. Alias ba ang gamit mo? May FB accounts din ang mga miyembro ng P3 at mga managers. ;)

  2. Meowok: Yeah... ngayon lang rin ako nagka-interest sa FB because of my high school friends! I linked you up na. Thanks for looking me up. Hinanap ko na rin ang P3!


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