28 May 2009

Mufti day

I noticed a lot of students going to school in casual clothing. You know something's up when they're not in their uniforms. I learned later in the day that it's Mufti Day.

Mufti (pronounced Muff-tea) refers to casual or ordinary clothing. Think shirts and jeans. Mufti day is observed in schools here as a fundraising scheme for a cause the school is supporting. There were still a few students who came in uniform; made me think that they might have missed the announcement. After all, what student wouldn't want to wear jeans in school? But a vast majority looked very comfortable in casual wear. They will then give a gold coin donation for their cause (a gold coin is either one dollar or two dollars, so called because of the color of the coins in these denominations).

This is a fun way to raise funds, and I'm sure it can also be a popular "event" in the Philippines where we are expected to wear smart, office clothes from Monday til Friday.

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