28 May 2009

Mufti day

I noticed a lot of students going to school in casual clothing. You know something's up when they're not in their uniforms. I learned later in the day that it's Mufti Day.

Mufti (pronounced Muff-tea) refers to casual or ordinary clothing. Think shirts and jeans. Mufti day is observed in schools here as a fundraising scheme for a cause the school is supporting. There were still a few students who came in uniform; made me think that they might have missed the announcement. After all, what student wouldn't want to wear jeans in school? But a vast majority looked very comfortable in casual wear. They will then give a gold coin donation for their cause (a gold coin is either one dollar or two dollars, so called because of the color of the coins in these denominations).

This is a fun way to raise funds, and I'm sure it can also be a popular "event" in the Philippines where we are expected to wear smart, office clothes from Monday til Friday.

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  1. hi, i've been in new zealand last april. i stayed there for two weeks and next ill be going back and stay for two months. sad lang kasi ala ako masyadong nakitang pinoy. meron ma ngilan ngilan pero di nagkahiyaan. meron po bang pinoy gathering dyan? sana naman meron.. hirap kasi ala ka kausap lalo na iba din accent nila. medyo tounge-tied pa.gusto ko din sana mag volunter work. kaka bagot din kasi 2 months if walang gagawin.


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