24 May 2009

The onset of winter

Winter is only about a week away... my family's first winter ever. When friends here learned that we are from Baguio, they said we have an advantage because we would be better able to adjust to the climate here. Well, I can say that this may be applicable only for the spring and summer time when the temperature here is quite agreeable.

But autumn has heralded the arrival of the cold season, and the winds amplify this to a considerable degree. We now wear at least three layers of clothing, and we have two duvets to keep us warm during the night. We have brought out our heater, which occasionally brings us some degree of warmth as we huddle beside it while watching TV.

I have heard other people saying that the knitted clothing you buy in Baguio is useless if you pit it against this weather. That isn't exactly correct. People here cope with the weather by layering clothes. Knitwear from Baguio can be used as one of the inner clothing, then topped by a waterproof jacket (it's looking to be a very wet winter).

It is strange, though, that my officemates in Manila would ask me to buy knitted stuff for them, and a lot of sweaters have passed through my hands. But I personally do not have any of these warm sweaters. Have you ever had that thought that some things you see around you for the longest time will always be there, and you can always reach out in case you need it? That was my line of thinking then.

We have, however, some bonnets and mufflers from Baguio and these provide additional warmth. I will be sure to visit MarBay when we return to the Baguio for vacation and make some major purchase. In the meantime, I have my muffler to keep me warm and remind me of home.


  1. So what exactly is winter in NZ? Just the chill? I imagine there's no snow there (pardon the ignorance...)

  2. Meowok: There's snow in other areas of NZ actually. It's becoming so cold your breath forms a mist even inside the home though, snow or no snow.


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