12 May 2009

40 Hour Famine

The World Vision 40 Hour Famine is a fundraising event that started in 1975 as an action towards helping famine-stricken Ethiopia as 10,000 New Zealanders banded together to raise $265,000.00.

A person or a group can participate registering at the site and by doing, or doing without, something they will find difficult to do for 40 hours. Famine participants then ask people to sponsor them for this endeavour. You can also become a volunteer for the event itself and help out in promotions and follow-up with collecting funds after the Famine weekend.

Proceeds for this year's 40 Hour Famine event will go towards providing nourishment to the impoverished children of Bangladesh, and will happen on 22-24 May 09.

If you are looking to support a Famine participant, may I suggest supporting Rev. Robin Palmer, who will do his custom famine for 40 hours.

40 Hour Famine needs all the help it can get to raise awareness and funds so spread the word and support the Famine participants for the sake of the impoverished children of Bangladesh.

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